7 Reasons: Must Learn Music for Improving Quality of Life

It is tough to imagine life without music. Music is an integral part of human existence. Although each one of us enjoys music, there are only a few who actually like to create one. Musicians are unique specie. They hold innate ability to play a musical instrument and create masterpieces out of it.

An opportunity to learn music in school can help one develop the passion for music. Proper instruction and mentorship can really help one emerge as a star musician. If you hold a passion for music, it is never too late to learn.

Listed below are some reasons why everyone must learn to play music:

  1. A Stress Reliever

This is something most people aren’t aware of. Playing a musical instrument is one of the most significant stress reliever. The activity brings heart rate and blood pressure down, which in turn reduces cortisol, the stress hormone to make one feel relaxed.

  1. Teaches Patience

Learning to play music is a daily effort of normal practice to facilitate a musician learning how to play without mistakes. The process develops patience. Years of regular practice at music schools including everyday musical exercises and dealing with tough musical pieces helps musician master the virtue of patience.

  1. Promotes Creativity

The pressure of daily life makes one lose touch with their creative side. When one learns to play a musical instrument, the lost creativity is fostered. Music education plays on one’s mental, emotional and cognitive abilities which forces brain to get stimulated and think out of the ordinary to boost creativity.

  1. Enhances Memory

Most people don’t know that music and memory go hand in hand. Both parts of the brain are used when learning to play a musical instrument which boosts memory power. Research has revealed that indulgence in music at an early age may help enhance learning ability and memory of a child via stimulating varied patterns of brain development. Education in music is also associated with higher IQ levels and physical development of specific parts of the brain.

  1. Develops Discipline

Regular practice and dedication is required for learning music. So when you or your child spends a specific amount of time to practice music on a daily basis, the practice helps develops discipline in the learner. The process is mainly advantageous for children. Many experts dealing with ADHD have observed improvement with music discipline in children, especially when nothing seems to work. Exposing kids to a musical instrument works.

  1. Great Sense of Achievement

It is true that playing a musical instrument provides a higher sense of achievement. You will feel really good after playing a challenging song or giving it a creative turn. Once you play flawlessly, it makes you feel great. Playing flawlessly is a real ego-boost. This feeling of self-achievement will let you accomplish more in many other areas of your life.

  1. Being Musical

Music is one of the best ways to enhance your child’s aptitude in learning. Some of the inherent benefits of music education include the following:

– Ease of learning skill

– Being disciplined

– Opportunity to be a part of the music world

Most importantly, music makes your kid very happy, stress free, and interesting. Smartness will follow later. Experts believe that music learning enriches one’s appetite for beautiful and creative things in life.