“How to Keep Your Children Safe Online? The Expert Tips”

A number of parents who watch their children spending a lot of time on their cell phones are beginning to make use of surveillance technology which promises to tell them what their kids are up to at all times. However what initially begins as a way of protecting their children from bullies and inappropriate content on the internet eventually leads to an argument about trust and maturity. Now, almost 92% of teens in America are online almost all the time but parents seem to be more concerned about something worse.

The author of ‘The Parent Trap’ states that when she was a teenager, her parents were worried about her going to a recreation center when they weren’t invited and now what makes parents nervous is technology. A media professor at the University of Denver also stated that parents have now become busier than ever. They need to be available for work at any time of the day and now their responsibilities contain not only looking after and supervising their children but making sure they are well off financially.

The increase in the availability of android spy app however is now allowing parents to have options to simply use the app to monitor their child’s activity. Teen Safe is one such app which allows parents to be able to monitor the Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram account of their teenagers along with their texts, deleted messages and even their browser history all for a month. Co-founder of the app says that the app is the only one which parents can make use of without having to jailbreak their child’s phone and it is the only one which has been partnered with National Parent-Teacher Association.

She has also stated that Teen Safe has helped in arresting an adult male who was going to meet an underage girl and has also allowed a number of parents to realize that their children are in need of therapy. This however shouldn’t come as a shock since a poll on young children in 2014 found that half of them had been cyber bullied while around 11% of them had embarrassing photos of them leaked in harassment campaigns. Another poll by ZDNet found that 82% of parents are of the opinion and agree that they should have full details with regard to their child’s posts on Facebook, their texts, emails and any other apps which they make use of. It is their right to violate the notion of privacy which their child has. Experts however still warn that doing so and violating the privacy of children in today’s day and age is quite similar to reading their diaries.

Thus instead of having to break their privacy and completely forcing themselves into their child’s lives, parents can instead ask their child to show them how these various social media websites and apps work. This way, by giving them a tour of what they are constantly busy in, parents can get a sense of what it is their child does instead of having to completely break the established trust.