New LG G6 corresponds to the American standard is of 810g, which confirms the high strength of the device and allows you to use your smartphone soldiers of the US Army. Indeed, the new flagship perfectly withstands falls from a height of two meters onto hard surfaces, which is confirmed by the results of numerous “drop tests”. Such a high durability device is associated with the presence of solid aluminium frame, tempered glass Gorilla Glass (3 and 5 generations – front and rear, respectively). As well as using the “smooth” display window, instead of fashion 2.5D glass (which, unfortunately, are not characterized by high durability). Hope, the upcoming warrior LG G7 will bind to the same extreme strength and solidity.

LG Company has always made hay in the protective case. LG G6 is protected against the ingress of moisture and dust into the cabinet under the standard IP68. In practice, you cannot drop the consequences of a smartphone, for example, on the bottom of the pool and get it only half an hour (but, of course, the sooner – the better). Also, according to unconfirmed official data, the device is protected not only from fresh but also from the salt water. LG G7 is wow when it comes to the phone protection. According to the latest collected information, LG G7 is hooded with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 on both the sides. Hope the new creative thoughts of LG for the shielding and security of phone would be capable of bearing the fruits next year.

Another “chip” is a built new item of 32-bit DAC «Hi-Fi Quad DAC ESS SABRE ES9218» (DAC) that provides excellent sound in LG G6 smartphone, of course, subject to the use of high-quality headphone. Another spectacular feature of LG G6 is its fingerprint scanner, although it is “moved” on the rear panel, began to work even faster. In addition, has great improvement and accuracy of recognition, even if the user has wet hands. For example, you can unlock the device without any problems with the scanner, while in the shower or swim pool (which is important if there is protection for IP68). LG with the same intensified and reinforced water protection feature is going to captivate the customers.

Keeping in view the fabulous features of LG G6, it is cleared that LG will bring more majestic technologies with the release of LG G7. Another sophisticated feature of G6 – Port USB Type-C, allows you to connect the cable plug “any party”, by analogy with the Lightning from Apple. Now such a decision in the current smart phones becomes increasingly common. Yet, the share of devices equipped with a classic port micro-USB prevails on the market until now. According to the rumours, LG will establish the same for its next warrior LG G7.

In addition to this, the availability of Quick Charge 3.0 quick charge function in G6 allows you to charge your smartphone “from scratch” to 100%, even third-party s / y, less than 2.5 hours. According to the rumours, LG will implement a LI-Ion 4000mAh battery capacity in its next hero LG G7, which lasts for 2 days.