Things You Should Never Do When Creating a Logo For A Brand

The internet in recent times has become the main form of communication and creating awareness (especially through social media). And this is one of the main reasons companies are coming up with creative ways to create a place for themselves and increase their awareness.

One of the ways they do that is by investing in a unique and creative logo that would prove to be a powerful asset to them. And yes, we said asset because we believe that a logo is one of the most important elements a company can use to create brand awareness but if it’s not designed properly, then that could result in disastrous results for the brand.

So with that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the common mistakes designers end up making and which should be avoided at all times:

  • A logo should look professional but not a lot of new businesses invest time and money into a logo and so they turn to their self-proclaimed designer friend, and ask them to design a logo for them. Now we are not saying that they won’t be any good, but usually what happens is that an amateur designer would produce amateurish designs, which would affect the image of the brand.
  • A common mistake that designers end up committing is incorporating the latest design trends. While we encourage our team to be updated about what’s “in” at the moment, we tell them to get inspiration from them and create a logo that would be timeless and would prove to be unique identity for the brand.
  • Here’s something which you should never do: using Raster images in their work. Using such images will cause problems with reproduction and if they are scaled to a large size, then the result would be a pixilated logo.
  • Using stock images in a logo. This could actually land your brand in trouble because you have to be really careful about the licensing and also, everyone uses stock images which mean that your logo will lose out on its uniqueness.
  • Never impose your choice on a client. Sometimes, designers have a new font that they want to try and will use that in the design even if it does not suit the personality of the brand.
  • Don’t try to add complexity to a logo which can look amazing if kept simple.
  • One thing which any designer must watch out for is that they don’t end up using too many fonts because each typeface is different and viewers need time to recognize. Using too many at once will create confusion which is never good.
  • And here is the big one: copying someone else’s work. The whole point of a logo is to create a unique identity for your brand, and by copying someone else’s design is actually achieving the opposite effect of that. Not only will the designer look incompetent to do the job but it would also reflect negatively on the brands image.