How To Get Rid Of Termites

Developing a plenty of building projects is a favorite condition for many kinds of insects to spread very quickly including termites. Despite being small in size, termites often live in organized groups and have a very large influence. They are not only capable of eating wood, bamboos, fabrics but also have the ability to penetrate solid reinforced concrete houses to destroy walls, wires, cable tunnels and so on.

It will cost a large amount of money to overcome the consequences termites bring about. With large works or rare materials need storing which are attacked by termites, the losses cannot be calculated with money. Apart from causing costliness, they also affect people’s safety and health.

Many people think eradicating termites is very difficult due to an expensive cost and harm to people’s health and household goods. However, killing termites is not as hard as we think. The following are five safe ways on how to get rid of termites you can try at your home right now.

Boric Acid

Boric acid has chemical properties that can get termites dead so it becomes the choice of many people to kill termites in their houses. This boric acid powder can be easily found in drug stores. You can make traps containing wood on which boric acid powder is sprinkled. Be sure to place these traps directly in termite groups around your house or wherever you find them. Termites will be shocked to die after eating this wood with boric acid.

Alternatively, you can sprinkle boric acid powder directly in cracked footwalls or wherever you think termites move. They can die without eating boric acid because boric acid can be absorbed in their bodies.

Beneficial Nematodes

Any species has its natural enemies including termites. Do you know the natural enemies of termites are nematodes? Nematodes which are worms with thin, tube-shaped bodies parasitize in termites. They can reach subjects and get deep inside termites, especially the young termite larvae, which reduce termite populations. You can apply the following way on how to get rid of termites with beneficial nematodes.

Measure the area you want to kill termites and then calculate the number of nematodes. You need about six thousand nematodes for one square meter. Keep nematodes cool until you are ready to use them.

Mix nematodes with water and pump them into the termite nests. These nematodes will kill off all termites and even other harmful insects including larvae.

Parasitic Fungi

Like beneficial nematodes, parasitic fungi are considered to be biological killers to termites. Termites infected with these fungi can transmit to the others. This is a highly effective way of being used to destroy termites in buildings and outdoors.

Flooding the Termite Nests

To subterranean termites, one of the best ways to kill them is flooding their nest. First, identify the area the termites living and then pour water into it. Water will break the balance between temperature and system of the nest and make them dead. To be more effective, dig around their nest and pour water in. Besides, it is possible to use boiling water to get the better results.


Put the kerosene on the needle and pump directly into the termite holes. In addition, Put the kerosene into the sprayer and spray on the kitchen cabinets, door hinges and so on. Do this daily for two weeks to chase termites as well as other insects.

After spraying the kerosene, you should use plastic wrap to wrap it to avoid the smell of the kerosene out to cause the discomfort and help the kerosene penetrate into the wood. You can also use alcohol instead of kerosene.