Dragon fruit has long been considered as one of the best ingredient you can find within the kitchen. This red fruit with quite weird appearance is actually good for your health with numbers of health benefits it can offer. People eating it with the purpose that they can reduce chances of getting diseases such as cancers, heart attacks and bacteria or fungi infection. Along with that, it is also super beneficial if you use to lose weight, improve digestion as well as to boost energy in your work place.

Where to find?

This exotic fruit can be found almost anywhere nowadays. However, since it is marked as ‘tropical fruit’ people will find it most in tropical countries, Southeast Asia countries to be more specific.

You can enjoy this tasty fruit can be most available within summer months. In this period of the years, it will be cheaper and tastier. The reason for this is that it is said that seasonal fruit can be best when it is enjoyed its peak.

Health Benefits

With that very impressive about dragon fruits, it is expected to bring about so many health benefits. In fact, it does for it has lots of beneficial properties for your overall health as well as your body.

Following are some typical health benefits of dragon fruit you should know when eating them.

  • Immune System

One of the best thing dragon fruit can offer is to help boosting your immune system. The key for this is that it help stimulate the activity and work of antioxidants within your body. Also, it can turn into powerful tool to eliminate free radicals, which are known as factors causing cancer. In case that you have to suffer from seasonal diseases such as cold or symptoms of typhoid fever, then dragon fruit would be perfect choice. They have long been regarded as super food and eating them can boost your power and defense system, chances you will no longer have to bear with those diseases.

You can eat the fruit raw taking right out from the fridge. Nothing beats cold slices of dragon fruit in the middle of summer.

  • Cardiovascular Health

This exotic fruit is nutritious as it is, however, it contains very little of cholesterol and unhealthy fat. Therefore, it can fits anyone as wonderful tasty fruit. Along with that, eating this fruit is effective when you have troubles with heart diseases and strokes. The key is that properties within the fruit can lower the chances that you might go down with atherosclerosis, heart attacks, and strokes. Also, it can help to inhibiting receptors that binds the walls of arteries.

Along with walking the right amount, eating dragon fruit every day is the best way that helps you having healthy heart.

  • Digestion

It rings true that dragon fruit is packed with significant amount of fiber content. Therefore, it is super good that help you to boost your bowel movement. Due to this reason, it is the powerful tool that help stimulating digestive tract, boosting peristaltic motion. Thanks to all of these benefits it offer, you will no longer have to worry about problems with your digestive system such as constipation, irritable bowel syndrome or in some worst case, colorectal cancer.

In order to enhance bowel movement consuming dragon fruit, you had better make it smoothies. It is best eaten when it taken from the fridge. However, to save time, you can make your own dragon fruit smoothies then chill them in the fridge. The time when you reaches home, it will be a fine cool cup of dragon fruit smoothies to enjoy.

  • Antibacterial and Antifungal.

This health benefit once again solidify the boosting immune system function of dragon fruit. It is beneficial when you make use of it for antifungal and antibacterial prevention quality. The trick is that it helps increase white blood cell so that it helps defends your body from toxins and the growth of fungal or bacteria within body cells. Therefore, in case of having open wounds or bruises, you can eat a lot more of dragon fruit if you want to see it heal faster.

Similar to the above, eating raw or making a cup of dragon fruit smoothies will work.

  • Canker Sore

Last but not least, one of the best health benefits of dragon fruit is to treat canker sore. If you find your canker hurt, chances that your body is in need of more water. In such case, dragon fruit is the answer when you want to get rid of the sore. The reason is, when you are having this problems, you probably in need of water and dragon fruit, fortunately, is the water-based fruit.

Therefore, it is the best to eat them every day. Alternatively, you can make salad out of this dragon fruit, to make it extra ingredient for your meal. Last but not least, here is another smart way to consume it as snack.

How to:

Cut open one ripe dragon fruit into slice.

Mash up with condensed milk and then add one yogurt.

Chill those in the fridge and wait for a while then you will have chilled bowl of summer in it.