Are You a customer of United States Postal Service? If Yes, then you must be getting your mail and packages late and if not then you are lucky because there are so many people out there who are facing the problem of late mail delivery.

USPS is a global leader in mail delivery, and it seems that it’s spoiling the reputation and making the customers frustrated. It’s not delivering mail and packages on time, and that’s a serious issue.

Customers are paying the extra fee for getting their mail on time but their extra fee is going waste, and they are not getting what they are paying for. If a customer is using Overnight delivery service, then he/she expects the package to be delivered very fast, but it’s being delivered after two or more days.

There are so many such complaints. Now, people want UPS and FedEx to deliver their packages. They prefer these mail carriers over USPS, but you should also know that UPS Sunday delivery is not regular yet.

An anonymous USPS worker said that it’s happening all because of the deal between USPS and Amazon. In 2013, USPS took on the Amazon package delivery, and since then it’s priority is Amazon packages. For USPS, Amazon delivery is more important.

However, it only delivers the Amazon packages on Sundays, but still, it’s affecting the whole delivery process. The first thing is that there are not enough USPS employees for making the delivery on time. The second thing is that Amazon customers are also not getting their packages on time when delivered by USPS.

Amazon customers are also complaining to remove the national mail carrier from shipping. Customers are using premium services, and still, they are not getting the benefits. Even most of the customers don’t know about the refund policies that they could also claim for refund.

Not only delivery service is a headache but other services too. Like, USPS tracking is one of the most used services by any USPS customer. Customers use this service to locate the package or to get the latest updates of their order. But when they try to do the same they find that their tracking report hasn’t updated for a long time.

They start worrying, and when they try to contact the USPS customer service representatives, they have to wait for a very long time over the phone and still they couldn’t be able to talk to any representative.

If any customer uses the mail forwarding service to forward a single piece of mail, then he/she finds that the forwarded mail has not really forwarded and just moving from one place to another.

It’s really a poor service USPS is giving. It has to do something to give the best experience to its customers. We all know that it’s working very hard to make the delivery on time even in such a tough weather, but it’s not the only thing which is going to help it. It must hire more employees because it deadly needs men power.

Let’s see what this national mail carrier does for its customers in the near future.