Why Your Kids Should Be Using Volume Limited Headphones

Nowadays, many parents are worrying about their kids while using the headphones with high volume. So, they are suggesting their children to use the volume limited headphones while listening to watch videos or music on the tablets, smart phones and other gadgets. However, these headphones have the certain volume adjustments that are setting to go no longer than 25 decibels. This is because over exposure to sounds above 85 decibels for a long time will potentially cause the loss of hearing soon.

Today, most of the manufacturers can make the varieties of headphones that are named and marketed as the volume limited headphones, especially for their children. But, many parents have a doubt, i.e. do the sound limiting headphones safe for children. Of course, this type of headphone is completely safe and reliable to use without any worries. Now, many of the companies are created the several various designs of sound limiting headphones for their kids. These kinds of headphones are highly supported on portable devices such as MP3 players, iPad, etc.

In order to protect your kid’s hearing, the volume limiting headphones are the best choice for kids. Usually, the adults should know its better usage and turn the volume down, but the kids often don’t do this. When you are thinking about the hearing loss by using this headphone, you must have a proper ear protection and control the painful noises. Even some people do not suffer from hearing loss in a single moment, but they feel hearing loss over time through slowly. This would be a dangerous exposure to the louder noises that are damaged your ears.

When your baby is less than eight years old and willing to play and listen music, you should really want to buy this volume limited headphone to your child. Of course, this is a powerful tool with the complete ear protection that does not cause any long term risks. The headphone can get back your child to enjoy their show and never turn the volume to increase on their personal devices. Therefore, it is a perfect noise control solution to deal with the external noise while listening.

Where you can find the volume limited headphones

When you are looking for the best selection of volume limited headphones for your kids, now there are many mortar stores available to offer this headphone at wider selections. You can also find a vast array of volume limiting headphones as well as adapters for all the needs that are available on the internet, so you can easily buy online.

Now, these headphones come in a large number of shapes, sizes, colors and models. However, it is strongly recommended to buy the in-ear headphones or over-the-ear closed monitor headphones. This is because; both these styles can do a much better work than any other models. They also work well to block the external sound than the open cell headphones, which would keep your children from turning the music up louder.

By shopping the good in-ear headphones or closed over-ear headphones, you will significantly block the outside noise. This means that your child would never even get the higher threshold of volume limit, because they can hear everything clearly even at the lower level of volume.

How does the volume limiter headphone work?

Presently, the volume limited headphones come in two forms such as add-on adapters and whole headphone sets. They are inserted in line between the source device and headphones. Actually, the working principle of these headphones is ultimately simple and easy to use. This volume limiting device is just a resistor that can be embedded on a cable, phono-plug or inside the pairs of headphones themselves.

Basically, the resistor is a small tiny passive electrical component that creates resistance in the circuit and that resistance will lower the flow of current by simply minimizing the current flow from the source device to the head phones. Therefore, the output volume is also much lowered. However, this kind of resistor can determine the resistance degree to which lowers the volume of headphones. There is no other commercial volume limiter available on the market, when compared to this volume limited headphones. Let you buy a new pair of volume limiting headphone for your child and make them enjoy listening the music.