The need for communication and especially social networks have invaded our lives requiring more and more originality. There are millions of photos published daily and being original is very important.

What if give these pictures and images an artistic touch without having to resort to very complicated programs? FotoJet is an online tool, very useful now, that offers options of graphic design, collage and photo editor, very simple and fast. In a sentence, we can define the FotoJet as a tool always at hand that makes a different and creative projects from the user’s ideas.

FotoJet has updated to version 6.0 that makes this experience faster and with much better performance. Briefly, it introduces a new interface, and has renewed the templates and features. You can create whatever you want no matter how creative you are or not.

The best of everything is that using it does not require you to create account or make any kind of registration, just open the website and start creating.

How does FotoJet work?

FotoJet makes the entire process of image design and editing a very pleasant experience because its interface is, as previously mentioned, very intuitive and easy to use. There is no need to have the technical expertise to create fantastic projects. With FotoJet you can edit photos and create collages, invitations, banners, covers for social networks, etc., using a wide and powerful range of resources and editing tools, including templates, photo gallery, text fonts, frames, backgrounds and effects.

With only 3 steps, you can get fantastic results:

1. Choose a template: you can choose from hundreds of available templates, all of which are fully customizable that enable you to make various adjustments.
2. Add photos: the main content to use in a collage is without a doubt the photos. They can be added from your disc on your computer or directly from your Facebook albums. Once added, you can drag one by one to fill or simply fill everything automatically by clicking on Auto Fill;
3. Save or share the final result: Once the job is done, you can choose to save your work on your computer or share it directly on Facebook. You can save the photo up to a maximum size of 1920 × 1920 pixels, in JPG and PNG formats.

Some Great Features of FotoJet:

fotojet design

Collage, which basically consists of putting many photos in one large photo, is probably the most used mode, essentially because it is faster and simpler to use.

There are creative and classic collage types. In Classic Collage you can choose the layouts, from 2 to 16 photos, and can adjust the orientation, the thickness of the contours and the rounding of the corner.

Creative Collage is available with several types: Modern, Art, 3D and Creative, etc. Depending on the photos and your purpose, these 6 types certainly cover exactly what you need. In each creative type you can select from dozens of templates, being able to adjust the text, the clipart and the background.

Social Media
Creating a design that is appealing and that can capture the attention of visitors is fundamental for any creator of websites or blogs, even if you are not a graphic designer.

What if it’s time to update your Facebook, Google+, YouTube cover photos, or create an entire “quaint” publication on Instagram? FotoJet offers several models, with size and format appropriately adapted to these platforms.

Photo Card
If you want to make an invitation to an event, make a special thank you card, at FotoJet you will have available models for the most varied events, from birthday, wedding, Christmas, anniversary among others. It can be a precious help when you lack creativity.

FotoJet stands out as a complete solution to meet the needs of graphic design, editing and collage creation. Here are some key points that make it a perfect solution:

– The service is completely free;
– It offers hundreds of basic and complex templates to choose;
– A very easy to learn operation, even for those users who do not have design knowledge;
– It offers a very easy to use collage creator, which can raise the quality of the projects to a professional level;
– Fully integrated application with social sites;
– Drag & drop function that makes the application very easy to use

In a word, FotoJet stands out from other photo and graphic editing programs by a series of very strong factors, explained above. The templates presented are varied and interesting and its functionality simplifies the creation of collages, posters, cards, designs for social networks, banners, etc.