​Critical Thinking: Does Politics Attract People Who Can’t Acknowledge Their Own ‘Darkness’?


There are some people who are left-leaning/right-leaning who see all people on the other side of the spectrum as crazy. In fact, it could go even further than this with these people seeing all of the people on the other side as less-than-human.

When someone is in this position, they are likely to be very fixed minded. They can be completely certain that their way of looking at the world is right and that those people who have different views are wrong.

Endless Validation

Through being this way, there is the chance that they will be surrounded by people who also have the same views. One’s views are then going to be supported by most of the people in their life.

As they will believe that they are right and most of the people in their sphere will both, directly and indirectly, make this clear, why would they doubt what they believe? It is then not going to matter if some of what they believe has no basis in reality and is actually harmful.

Another Factor

What is likely to provide them with even more conviction is what they hear about from different social media platforms. At the very least, there could be one platform that validates their views.

Through how the algorithm works and/or the people/pages that they follow, they might only hear about things that are in alignment with what they believe. It will be as though they are stuck in a room that only plays a certain type of music.

A Positive Self-Image

So, as the people on the other side who have different views will be seen as crazy and bad, it is likely to mean that one will see themselves as being the complete opposite. They could see themselves as someone who is level-headed, good and virtuous.

Ergo, apart from these people also being human begins, that’s if they are able to recognize this, they won’t have much else in common with them. There will be two clear extremes and one will be part of the ‘good’ extreme’.

One Solution

Thanks to this, they will know what will need to happen in order for their country and the world as a whole to improve. It could be seen as essential for their party to always be in power and for those that support the other party to be dealt with somehow.

One could believe that these people need to be ‘re-educated’ or they could go even further, believing that they need to be wiped off the face of the earth. If they are on board with the second option, this will be seen as a way for the earth to be cleansed of all that is ‘bad’ or ‘evil’.

Stepping Back

If someone who was truly level-headed was to hear about someone like this, they might describe them as fanatical or even an extremist. They could struggle to understand how someone could be this way.

What could come to their mind is that it is not possible for someone to be completely good and right or for another person to be completely bad and wrong. Hoverer, if someone who fits the description above was to hear this, they could dismiss it.

What’s going on?

When someone experiences life in this way, what it can illustrate is that they are unable to handle the ‘negative’ side of their own being. The outcome of this is that the dark parts of themselves end up being projected into others.

As a result of this, even if they were not strongly absorbed in the political realm, the same thing would still take place. What this area of life does, though, is provide them with a whole group of people with which to dump the uncomfortable parts of themselves into.

The Illusion of the Mind

What their ego-mind will do, through being dualistic in nature, is cause them to see the parts of themselves that they have rejected ‘out there’. Due to this, they won’t be able to see that what is going on ‘out there’ is simply a reflection of their own consciousness.

Their conscious mind will have disconnected from what is painful, thereby creating the impression that it has disappeared. The truth is that it won’t have disappeared; it will just be mirrored back to them via the external world.

A Natural Consequence

The imbalance that is taking place externally is then a reflection of the imbalance that is going on internally. Ultimately, one has rejected one side of their own nature and unless they can accept this part of them, their outer world is not going to change.

They will continue to need people to demonise to keep their own toxic shame and self-hate at bay. Without people ‘out there’ to dump their issue into, they would have to come face to face with their own shadow and this would be too much for them to handle.

Emotional Containment

This can show that they have a weak sense of self and that they are carrying a lot of trauma. They are then not going to have the inner strength that is needed to acknowledge and to be with the painful parts of themselves.

Keeping how they feel at bay will, unconsciously, be seen as the only way for them to keep it together and to handle life. This could show that their early years were not very nurturing.

Final Thoughts

This sheds light on what can take place when someone doesn’t deal with their own inner wounds and is not aware of how their inner world affects their outer world. Their inner baggage will be mirrored back by their external world and yet, they won’t be able to see this.


One of the main things that someone has to let go of to be able to see this is the view that they are just an observer of their reality. Once they can see this for what it is, an illusion, they will be able to go inside themselves, to gradually heal their own inner wounds and to change their reality from the inside out.

Source by Oliver JR Cooper


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