The middle of winter can be a tough time for youth baseball players. It is cold, snowy and playing ball outside is out of the question, at least in the northern climates. Additionally, finding an indoor gym or area to play some ball is difficult or expensive, or both. These obstacles should not preclude serious players from working on their game, though. Dedicated players should still do at least one thing a day for the upcoming baseball season. Even something as little as 5 minutes per day can pay off with better in season results. The following indoor drills can be performed with very little space and can be done while watching TV and will help players’ fundamentals, even those that have a gym or outdoor area to use.

5 Indoor baseball drills when watching TV:

1. Players flip a baseball into their glove and see how fast they can take the ball out with the correct 4-seam grip.

2. With a dish towel in the lead hitting hand, players rest it on the rear shoulder and from hitting position, snap towel towards the pitcher as fast as they can with a back side pivot.

3. While laying on their back, players flip a” safe” ball a few feet into the air and try to get good backspin rotation on the ball and catch it without having to move for it. Of course, this drill is better on knees or standing but a high ceiling is needed for those methods.

4. On knees with a couch pillow in front of knees, players have mom or dad roll ground balls towards them. Players should reach out in front of pillow to catch the ball and see how fast they can bring ball back to throwing side hip with correct grip. When a safe ball and basement wall is available, this can be done without help from another person. Some ground balls to the players left and right can also be done, of course, to work on forehand and backhand plays.

5. Players begin with hands on hips and from hitting position they rotate hips as fast as possible. Having their parents place their hand out front of player’s front hip is even better for this drill. Players should then try to power through the hand with their weight shift. Performed either way, player’s eyes should rotate back to see their elbow make contact with their parents hand.

Performing these little drills will help hitters perform the baseball fundamentals of firing their lead hand and hips when hitting, fielding the ball out front, throwing the ball with good backspin and creating a quick, correct and accurate throw. In this manner, players will be creating good fundamentals even before their regular practices begin and will be making better use of their TV watching time.

Source by Jack Perconte