After, his four years, as President of the United States, it seems, volumes have been written about Donald Trump, as a person, leader, and public official, etc. Whether, one supports or opposes him, it must be recognized, although, he lost the 2020 election, by over 7 million votes, his core supporters, are, perhaps, the strongest believers, of any politician, in recent American history! However, we also, witness, many other politicians, who, consistently, seem, to put, their, own personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest, ahead of the common good, etc! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 specific reasons/ possibilities, some voters continue, supporting greedy politicians.

1. Blindly follow and trust: It seems, many people, blindly, follow, and constantly, trust, their so – called, elected representatives! In the 2020 election, we witnessed, one of the largest, voter turnouts, and, even then, it was, only 65%! Who can remember, the past President, constantly, refer to anything, which disagreed with him, and/ or, his agenda, as Fake Facts? Political fact – checkers, state, Trump lied, at an alarming, unheard – of, rate, yet, it seemed, his core supporters, didn’t care!

2. Political spin: Too often, many voters believe the political spin, they are constantly, bombarded – with! Why do so few, pay keen attention, in order to differentiate, between, politics, and reality? How can individuals, continue supporting, public/ elected officials, who, ignore, what seems to be their best interests, in order to enhance their political agenda, etc?

3. Idol – worship: Elected officials are human beings, not, super – humans! Unfortunately, too many, permit politicians, to be held to lower standards, instead, of, ensuring, no one is above the law! It is fine to prefer one, over another, but, do so, based on facts, approaches, actions, and ideas, instead of rhetoric, promises, and prejudices/ fears!

4. Bias/ prejudice: Many experts state, more people vote, based on their fears, biases, and prejudice, than, on who, is best equipped, to handle the relevant, sustainable challenges, we face! Unfortunately, we continue, witnessing, the election of people, who focus, on getting elected, instead of representing, and serving!

5. Don’t accept real facts: When, conspiracy theories, and theorists, often, gain more recognition, than real facts, and far – too many, tend to believe, these claims, how does it serve the best interest of the nation, and our citizens? Although, we are each, entitled to our own opinions, we are not, permitted, our own set of facts!

Unless/ until, the American political and election systems, becomes, more representative, and service – oriented, the nation, and most people, suffer! Wake up, America, and make your vote, count, for the better!

Source by Richard Brody


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