50-50 Guard – History of the Position

Open guard positions are classified as Butterfly guard, X-guard, Spider guard, De la Riva guard, Rubber guard, and 50-50 Guard. On this paper, it is focus on the 50-50 guard positioning and techniques.

The 50-50 guard position was known from Roberto “Gordo” Correa, a purple belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Instructor. Later on the position was adapted by the Mendes Brothers: Rafael Mendes and Guilherme Mendes followed by Bruno Frazzato and Ramon Lemos from the Atos Jiu Jitsu Team. The 50-50 guard can also be used in Judo to get the fight off the ground.

The 50-50 guard can be work out by combining the X-guard on the defense mechanism of martial arts. This combination is referred as leg lock. In the combat sports, it is a type of leg control that forms “outside leg triangle.” In this position, the fighter on the bottom position crosses a triangle on his opponent’s leg. This allows the leg to be dominated and leaving the arms free to work on sweeps and submissions. This position has been heavily criticized for use in competitions with restricted use of leg locks. Due to the prospective of stalling a competition when the competitor on top is unable to pass the guard and the competitor in the bottom is unable to successfully execute a sweep.
The advantages of 50-50 guard are stalling to force a stand up. It stops the opponent ability to advance position. Second it frees the fighter arms up to work for a sweep. It can also distract the opponent to where the opponents worry so much about getting out of the fighter roll because of the leg locks when the opponent posture up.

Learning the basic martial arts might be difficult. Every position has a risk but, it would be easier if you have passion, determination, instinct and alertness on each position you execute. It is learning on how to defense once self which is the common reason people go into martial arts and Jiu Jitsu. It also developing our hand and leg skills on when and how to perform the different position.

There were no exact record on what techniques or tips should be done on 50-50 guard. But, one thing for sure if you’re interested on combat sports or martial arts you must practice to attain the correct positioning and techniques. This documentation is helpful but, I suggest an understanding, video clips and professional trainer will help you absorb each technique and execute them correctly.

Source by John P Brink