8 most-in demand engineering specializations for 2020

8 most-in demand engineering specializations for 2020
8 most-in demand engineering specializations for 2020

Most traditional specializations in engineering are still high in demand, but as time keeps advancing, the trend has slowly started to shift towards automation and information technology. Here you will find 8 most-in demand engineering specializations for 2020 According to the experts, it is set to remain the same for the foreseeable future. It’s essential to choose the specialization that will continue to grow and just not become oversaturated or redundant with time. Check it out for more details as it can be challenging to break into the industry with no background check initially.


Read on to learn about some of the engineering specializations that are most in-demand with excellent salary potential for 2020


  • Data Science and Machine Learning: This specialization has seen continuous growth over the past few years, with no signs of limiting its expansion. It is a branch of software engineering that involves creating meaningful information based on massive amounts of data. Large datasets are identified as big data coming from a variety of sources such as financial, medical, or e-commerce sector. It employs both software and statistical techniques to analyze, gather, and to present the data in a proper way to allow optimization of specific services by the end-user. A targeted marketing campaign requires data to focus on a group during a particular year to sell their products.
  • Aerospace management: If you have an undying fascination for aircraft with some expert-level managerial skills, then an MBA in aviation management is a perfect fit for you. An aviation management degree equips students with diverse skills to help them face the challenges of this ever-growing industry. Therefore, a degree in avionics will provide students with a piece of in-depth knowledge and practical exposure to challenge their advanced skills for a professional career ahead. It is a perfect choice for students who have a passion for aerospace and the space environment.
  • Automation and Robotics Engineering: Robotic systems are employed to lessen the attention and skill to detail provided by a human worker. With constant advances in energy storage, computing, materials, and robots are used to perform intricate humanoid machinery work. Previously, their job role was limited to single-arm assembly and welding robots in factories. This specialization is involved in every aspect of the development, design, implementation, and testing of robotic systems. They are either electronic, mechatronic, or mechanical engineers. It is considered one of the safest job roles as the world is advancing towards a more automated world.
  • Applied Petroleum Engineering: Applied petroleum engineering is a specialized branch primarily focusing on the production and exploration of gas and oil. It encompasses a wide range of job roles, including petroleum engineer, production engineer, drilling engineer, and petroleum geologist.
  • Block-chain technology: This degree acquaints students with the multi-dimensional aspects of the crypto-currency ecosystem and emerging abstract models for blockchain technology. Job roles offered by this degree include block-chain business analyst, financial analyst, block-chain consultant, block-chain developer, block-chain solution architect, crypto-currency analyst, research block-chain analyst, and crypto-currency developer.
  • Internet of Things and Smart Cities: This degree encompasses billions of interconnected smart devices and service providers acting upon all the bits of data that make up our daily life. Software vendors and telecom operators hire experts in this domain as an application developer, testing specialist, solutions architect, technical consultant, security expert, and technical support engineer.
  • Fire and Safety engineering: This degree emphasizes mainly the safety need of the workplace, including the refineries, chemical factories, gas plants, manufacturing plants, and energy firms. These places are never devoid of danger, so the safety of individuals working at such sites must be prioritized. This is where the experts of this subject area play their roles as fire engineers, fire protection engineers, fire safety officers, fire and safety consultants, and advisors.


The list of specializations mentioned in this article is among the most popular fields being opted by students worldwide. It is by no means exhaustive but provides a good cross-section of the current disciplines in the market—the most in-demand with the salary packages being higher than average for graduates. However, the perfect choice of specialization can ease the process of job search.

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