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It’s Saturday 21 August 2021. Our top stories this morning 0:00

“Get back, get back,” screamed the British soldier at a crowd gathered in front of the secure compound where those being evacuated by the UK embassy are taken before flying out. Get the full story 👉

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  1. The american regime is the leading state sponsor of terror Organisers of clandestine activity conducts long range reconnaissance missions targeted killings assassination's aiding and abetting exports weapons of mass destruction fuels conflicts across the world far as Middle East

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  3. The Biden/Harris administration made their Taliban partners the most armed terrorist group in the world. Not to mention their going to continue their support with the ruthless terrorist with USAID. The evil bigoted godless left and their dishonest lapdogs in MSM have so much blood and destruction on their hands. These people are sick.

  4. Why didn't usa get usama bin laden by covert operations,, it should have been such a way, that all responsible, could have been, like Israelies gathered Nazies, putem on trial, punished accordingly, my heart goes out to all mothers worldwide who lost thier brave sons because of politicians,

  5. Dear Your Majesty Queen Grandmother of the original 13 colonies,
    Over the years, I have observed that we do in fact have bits and pieces of the solutions to the tough questions, but the challenge is how do we all collaboratively tap into this vast resource in a way that truly empowers the United States of America to fix the real problems, not only at the field and strategic levels, but where it really counts: the operational. Yes, extraordinary things have been accomplished, thus far in our great nations, especially ever since we will embrace the concept that we all aspire to be law abiding Constitutionally bound freedom loving people of the world. But the challenge now is how do we better sync our extraordinary capabilities with the rest of the world? Tangible action, groundbreaking impact and sustainable results to address questions such as these is why I would like to fire 80% of Congress and Joe Biden, so that us fully competent and capable people can ‘git-r-dun’!! As human beings, our natural inclination is to stay in our comfort zones and to focus on the here and now. However, based on my 27+ years of military experience, I clearly see this now happening at the expense of our future posterity. All too often, I have witnessed great new ideas flowing freely with no avail especially in a Clinton Communist Dystopian Party Revolutionary Forces wannabe society with 40 years of shame that rightfully so has averaged a 12% approval rated Congress. But Queen Grandmother, I always question how can we embrace innovative ideas in a way to boldly make the needed changes before it becomes too late and we have no choice but to accept an Orwellian Dystopian society? @
    I mention this because in one form or fashion, I have personally encountered all of the categories of true military leadership which happens to be indicated in the United States Air Force Intuitional Competencies, and consequently, rather than me articulating how my experiences demonstrate these competencies, I feel that all of my experiences have instead humbled me to the point that it is not about what I as an individual have accomplished or experienced, but it is more about a burning desire to hold myself accountable to a much larger cause than simply my wants, desires, career and my own needs. Your Majesty, the reason I love you so much is because just as I aspire to be just like you the World War 2 vehicle mechanic veteran, I ask myself how can I roll my up sleeves and help address these looming gargantuan problems and seemingly out of control obstacles that need to be fixed/overcome.
    Embracing an endeavor such as a new International Constitutionally bound World Order better known as Hopes and Dreams Harmony Movement would enable me to better understand what our call to action should be, especially now, since we are at a point in time of diminishing returns and irrational exuberance. Queen Grandmother, we all really do need to come together for a greater purpose and focus on what we can do to help our future generations live in a more safe, clean and freer world. I believe an opportunity such as this will better enhance my toolbox so that I can eventually take the steps needed to help, because I figure, if I don't try to do something now in these tumultuous and uncertain times, then who will?

    Love Always 🥰,

    Your Adopted American Profession at Arms Son from the Colonies,

    Edward Anthony

  6. Now, the truth is clear. People, who are at the Kabul airport, assisted the troops of foreign conquerors one day, so they are scared to stay in Afghanistan after what they did against their nation. They are traitors and spies. They are afraid of what may happen to them after their allies of America and other countries leave them alone.

  7. Who is wishfully working in Afghanistan Taliban or America big question how Taliban win Afghanistan this much machine Gunn in Afghanistan training giver America failed in Afghanistan military very fast Taliban enter capital tomorrow target of Taliban which country that is a big question???????????

  8. Must be difficult for the BBC having to show Biden in a negative story, its getting harder and harder to hide the mess he is making as president, now if this was Trump you would be doing their upmost best to show the world the mess but seems Biden has had several passes given he has made major bad decision after decision, is seeing a border crisis he created, is showing many examples of advanced dementia but no, none of that seems to hit our TV's, again if this was Trump they would be focussing on every single negative they could, we know because they did it for 4 yrs.