Tens of thousands of people are still desperate to get out of Afghanistan.




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  1. As more and more Americans die because of Biden's policy failures, Democrats should worry about their future, BIDEN BEHAVIOR BUNGLES, FOX news is right. the family especially his wife, had to know his mind was slipping, shows how power hungry they are, to allow a unfit mentally person run for President. It's not called the Biden crime family for nothing, Where are the doctors report's to sign off ?, that this person is mentally fit to serve? The left will pay a big price for election tampering and allowing this person to continue in office. The Country is already paying a big price, look at our southern invasion of drug lords and virus infected illegals. now look at our allies and what they are saying, kooks what's happening with stranded American citizens. Biden's poor judgement, Biden miss judgements continue, We don't see Joe Biden, jumping on a plane to see our troops, negotiate better withdrawal terms with the people he thinks are so honorable and highly of, in his mind. Biden caused this mess and now acts like it's no big deal, just like the mess he caused at the border. Goes on TV and says his job only is to make judgements that no one else can make, Is this clown for real ?, what an idiot, who is he really working for??? not the American citizen.

  2. You want to hear the truth cupcakes ! 🧁 This is a total disgrace! To our country ! And you Democratic liberal commie pinkos are responsible for this! You voted for President Dementia Joe.! And The knee pads hoe ! You also did a lot of voter cheating and scamming ! This is on you people.! Most Democrats have a double-digit IQ and a triple-digit income . You were just looking for free money and handouts ! All lives matter.!

  3. When things start getting out of control like this and American citizens civilians are in danger I think hey we need to go back and assess the situation even if we made a mistake Mr Biden and I'm one of your fans but we do need to do something about this let's not wait and think too much about this.

  4. United States government should not bring any plane loads of Afghanistan citizens to the United States when we've got enough with all these damn illegals coming in from Mexico and Central America and other countries around the world the United States is becoming the septic tank for all the mess from around the world
    America is not responsible for the world

  5. Wtf did trump sign an agreement with them ,idiot, and the next idiot 🙄 Biden pulls out without getting people out first, if you believe the talibans word is good ,yah about as good as trumps or Biden out of all the candidates for president why do we alway end up with a moron gene pool to vote from,any American with half a brain would have quietly pulled people out first starting 6 months ago ,what a mess,

  6. words of saleh 8 years before this 2021 which whole CIA and @POTUS didnt even drea,
    There are only two possible solutions: A Western-backed Afghan government decisively defeats the Taliban, or the Taliban agree to demilitarize and join the political process. The United States, however, should understand one thing very clearly: It would be making a huge error – and confirming the Afghan people's worst fears – if it picked up and left Afghanistan to the Taliban's brutal ways.