Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit Return Calculator

Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit Return Calculator


FD Calculator: Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit Return Calculator: Investing in a fixed deposit plan is a good idea because it will provide impressive returns along with the safety of the invested capital. Among the various FD schemes available in the market, Bajaj Finance FD delivers one of the highest interest rates. It also provides many user-friendly features and lucrative investment options that will help you earn more returns.

If you want to check the returns provided by different FD plans, then you can use its FD calculator. These are some other advantages of using this FD calculator:

Helps while choosing the FD plan

Suppose you are not sure about which FD plans to invest. In that case, you can use this FD calculator as it helps you to understand the available tenor options, interest rate, interest earnings, etc., which might help you to choose an FD plan that fits your expectations. 

For comparing FD types  

If you are confused about whether to try for cumulative FDs or non-cumulative FDs, then you can use this FD calculator. Bajaj Finance FD calculator shows the interest earnings and returns provided by both cumulative and non-cumulative FDs for the same amount and tenor. This helps you to compare them quickly based on your financial plans and requirements.  

For making financial plans 

The FD calculator can prove to be a great tool to plan finances because it provides the exact value of your FD post maturity. You can also use it to confirm whether you should be auto-renewing an FD or is it better to reinvest its returns in another FD plan upon completion of the FD tenor. 

How to use an FD calculator to determine FD returns?

For determining the FD returns, you can need to do these things:

  • Please select your customer category as it determines the applicable FD interest rate. For example, if you are less than 60 years old but choose the online FD form to invest in an FD plan, you will be eligible for a 0.10% additional FD rate.
  • Once you confirm your customer category, you can enter values like principal amount and tenor. After entering these values, you can press the ‘Calculate’ button, and the FD calculator will calculate the interest earnings and returns accordingly.
  • You will also be able to view the monthly, quarterly, six-monthly, and yearly interest payouts offered by the non-cumulative FD plan for the same tenor and deposit amount. 


Why invest in Bajaj Finance FD?

The top reasons in which you should invest in a Bajaj Finance FD are listed below :

Higher returns 

 Bajaj Finance FD can help your investments grow at an interest rate of 6.85%. This growth is higher than most FD schemes’ interest rates, including the post office FD schemes. Therefore, you will get better returns with this FD scheme. You can confirm this by checking the FD calculators of various fixed income schemes like Post Office FD calculator, SCSS interest calculator, recurring deposit interest calculator, etc. 


Multi-deposit facility 

 It is easy to invest in FD plans of varying tenors by using the multi-deposit facility of Bajaj Finance. This is because you need to submit a single cheque for investing in multiple fixed deposit plans at once. 

 By investing in multiple FD plans, you will have the option of withdrawing some of the deposits if you need some funds urgently. You will also have the option of consolidating your returns at a higher rate if the FD rates increase in the future. 


Higher FD rate for senior citizens 

 A higher FD rate of 0.25% is available to senior citizens. Although it may seem to be somewhat of a bonus, it can create a massive difference in returns when you deposit a large amount in a long-term FD. This difference might prove helpful for senior citizens looking for an extra income source as they can deposit their savings in a non-cumulative FD and choose the option of monthly interest payout to support their regular expenses.



 It is a sagacious decision to invest in a Bajaj Finance FD as it provides excellent returns and stability for your deposited amount. Credit rating agencies like CRISIL and ICRA have rated it highly for being a stable and safe instrument. Therefore, you can almost count on your returns after investing in any of its fixed deposit plans.

FD Calculator: Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit Return Calculator:



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