Best Business Ideas for Africa based on Mobile Apps

Best Business Ideas for Africa based on Mobile Apps
Best Business Ideas for Africa based on Mobile Apps

Africa is not just a continent. It is a land of untapped potential and business opportunities that, unfortunately, people have not been able to tap into in the last few years. However, the new decade has seen many geopolitical and socio-economic changes that have come about, which makes this the ripest time for you to explore your entrepreneurial side and make the most of technological advancements for your benefit. This blog post will help you find the Best Business Ideas for Africa based on Mobile Apps and show you how to ensure business success and profitability.

While there are many different kinds of businesses that one can explore in Africa, we have curated a list of some of the top app-based business options that can be most beneficial for you.Nevertheless, before we get down to identifying these options, it is essential to take note of some of the critical factors that you must focus on before starting your entrepreneurial journey.

Let us try to understand these points and see how we can grow, bearing these in mind.


Understanding the Demographics


Africa is a vast continent. It is rich with various ethnicities, cultural aspirations, economic standing and population. Before you start any business in Africa, it is essential to research all these points. It might seem like a trivial detail right in the beginning. Still, as your business grows, you will find that knowing the customers or the people that you plan to offer your services and products to will have a significant impact on the way your business develops.

Deploying a small research team to study the demographics will help you understand if you wish to go all out and launch your business across the continent or if you would much rather progress gradually by throwing it insignificant countries like Kenya first and then focusing on smaller ones like Burundi.


Identifying the pain points and working towards alleviating them


Once you know your target audience, it is time to draw your energies towards finding out what the people in these areas want. You will have to understand the pain points, things that these regions are most lacking in and the things that they wish to so that you can offer a solution accordingly.

Determining requirements is the first step towards building solutions and thereby being profitable from day 1. The day you launch your business, you should be able to inform and apprise your customers of the fact that you are here to help them and your app-based mobile solution is going to address their issue.



I was considering the business model.


For any business, there will be multiple business models. The very same service can be provided in more ways than one. You must sit down with your partners and research team to look into any competitors that you have in that area and the kind of business model that they operate on.

The next step is to find out if you want to use the same business model or if you would benefit from changing that story up and generate fresh new revenue streams. If there aren’t any competitors in your region for the business that you have in mind, study what solutions exist in other countries of similar socio-economic status as yours to be able to see if your customers can appreciate what you are offering.


Now that we’ve understood all that let us move on to some of the best business ideas that can be profitable for you.


On-Demand Taxi Business


Not only in Africa but the whole world around, this is a business that works wonders. So long as there are people, there will always be a need to travel. People need to get from one place to another and what can be better than offering a simple mobile Taxi App like Uber to your customers to hire a taxi based on their budget and preference to get to where they want.

However, when you start your own on-demand mobile-based taxi booking app, make sure that you study any competitors in the area. Ensure that your app has features that your competitors lack so that your business can take off right from the get-go.


On-Demand Grocery Delivery Business


The Covid-19 Corona Virus Pandemic lockdown has affected all countries. During these troubled times, people are forced to stay indoors. It makes it very difficult for them to procure the goods that they need for their daily sustenance.

Having an on-demand Grocery Delivery App will ensure that people in your region can get whatever they need to be delivered right to their doorstep. Apart from this, it will also ensure that you can offer people in your country a way to generate income for their survival.


On-Demand Pharmacy Delivery App


Just like grocery, people need medicines and other medical supplies. Not having a way to procure them poses a big challenge for most people. With the help of an on-demand Pharmacy Delivery App, you can ensure that local pharmacies can register with your app and use it as a platform to make their medicines and medical supplies available to the local population.

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Make sure that you only purchase your Gojek Clone app from a white label mobile on-demand app Development Company. These companies will have a reasonably good experience in building and launching such apps so that you can ensure that your business takes off successfully and remains profitable. Also, develop a marketing strategy so that more and more people can find out about your services, and your app gets full downloads.



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