Best Home remedies for oral thrush

home remedies for oral thrush
home remedies for oral thrush

Description: Oral thrush or oropharyngeal candidiasis is a common problem that can occur in anyone. How do you know about this issue? This article will provide you with the causes, symptoms, and home remedies to get rid of oral thrush.

Have you ever seen your tongue, throat, or gums appear white lesions and go along with pain, burning sensation, or difficulty swallowing? It may be the signs and symptoms of oral thrush. So, you wonder what is oral thrush and why you suffer from it?

What is oral thrush?

Oral thrush is also known as oral candidiasis. It is a common problem caused by the fungus called Candida albicans, which accumulate in your mouth. This fungus is normally present in your mouth, but if it grows excessively, the symptoms of oral thrush can appear. Oral thrush usually occurs with white patches on inner cheeks and tongue. In some cases, it can spread to your gums, tonsils, and throat.

Everyone may suffer from oral thrush, but two main objects that prone to get this condition are older adults and babies because the immune system is weaker than others. Suppose you are a healthy person with a strong immune system. In that case, oral thrush does not impact too much on your health. Nonetheless, if your immune system is weak due to any other reasons, it totally can badly affect your condition and truly difficult to resolve.

 What are the causes of oral thrush?

As mentioned, Candida albicans is the perpetrator that causes oral thrush. However, this fungus is a normal organism that usually exists with many other bacteria in your mouth. When your immune system is weakened, Candida albicans can develop excessively, and your body cannot control their amount. For this reason, the amount of bad and good microbes is imbalanced and cause infection and allow oral thrush occurs.

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 What are the symptoms of oral thrush?

If oral thrush occurs in adults or children, the symptoms may include:

  • Creamy white lesion on the tongue, gums, inner cheeks, tonsils, throat.
  • Redness, soreness, and a burning sensation can make you feel uncomfortable and difficult to swallow and eat something.
  • Some cheese-like lesions can appear.
  • Bleeding a little bit in the lesion if it is scraped or rubbed.
  • Taste is lost.
  • A feeling of cotton in your mouth.
  • Swelling and painful.

If oral thrush appears in the infants, the breastfeeding mother will feel difficult to feed their babies because they are irritable and fussy. Oral thrush can transmit from a child to their mother when feeding because of the baby’s mouth contact mother’s breasts. When oral thrush affected the women, the symptoms can appear, such as:

  • Nipples are red, cracked, more sensitive, and itchy.
  • Areolas are flaky or shiny skin area.
  • Feel painful in the nipples when feeding the babies or even have stabbing pains which deep in the breasts.

 Home remedies for oral thrush.

  1. Salt

Salt can be considered as the first best choice to deal with oral thrush because it can damage the fungus effectively. Also, it can relieve the symptoms and promote the recovery process.

All you have to do it dissolve a little bit of salt with a cup of water. Using this solution to rinse every day until your condition positively progresses. You also can rub some salt gently on the tongue just for 1-2 minutes then cleanse your mouth carefully with lukewarm water.

Repeat those methods with salt until you feel comfortable.

  1. Garlic

Oral thrush can be solved both naturally and safely with garlic. Garlic is one of the most effective home remedies for treating oral thrush that you should try if you are suffering from it. Garlic contains the anti-fungal agent that is efficient in damage the yeast and bacteria in your mouth. Moreover, it also supports your immune system to make it stronger.

Take fresh garlic and eat 2-3 cloves every day to avoid the infection. Some people feel difficulty in consuming like this, so you also can follow the doctor’s prescription to use tablets and capsules with the components from garlic to have a similar result.

  1. Yogurt

Yogurt contains a lot of lactobacilli, which are the healthy bacteria that can help you treat oral thrush quickly and efficiently. For applying this remedy, unsweetened yogurt is recommended because it can manage your problems better than sweet yogurt.

You should eat yogurt 2 or 3 cups daily for about two weeks. If you do not want to consume it every day, you can use the second way. Apply yogurt directly on your tongue and keep it for 5-10 minutes. After that, rinse it off and repeat this process every day until your problem improves.

  1. Cinnamon

Another useful home remedies for oral thrush is cinnamon. It has the anti-parasitic and anti-fungal capability, which is effective in dealing with Candida Albicans.

Take one teaspoon powder of cinnamon to add into a cup of water then boil it. Then, filter it first and drink 1-2 cups a day to get the best result. You can add lemon juice inside or not depend on your flavor.

Alternatively, use a teaspoon of jojoba oil or olive oil to mix with few cinnamon oil drops. Gently apply this mixture on your tongue and wait for 5-10 minutes. Next, rinse it off thoroughly with warm water and repeat day by day until you are satisfied with the result.

  1. Apple cider vinegar

Another great home remedies for oral thrush that is mentioned in this article is apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar has many enzymes that can effectively destroy and inhibit the fungus’ growth. It also can boost your immune system and ease the symptoms that the fungus caused.

To perform this home remedy, you have to take a half teaspoon of salt and mix with two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in a cup of lukewarm water. Use this mixture to cleanse your mouth twice a day until your problem is improved. You also change the salt by a little bit of honey to consume every day. Follow this method until oral thrush disappears.

  1. Coconut oil

Coconut oil can work wonderfully like one of the most efficient home remedies for oral thrush that you may not know. It can remove the fungus and reduce the annoying symptoms of your condition quickly.

You should perform this way before you have breakfast in the morning. You have to prepare a tablespoon of this oil first. Next, swirl it in your mouth within 5-10 minutes and split out. After that, rinse with lukewarm water and then brush your teeth normally.

Apply this home remedy every day for a week until your problem is completely gone.

Oral thrush is not a difficult problem to deal with it. After reading this article, I hope some natural home remedies for oral thrush can help you improve your condition quickly and efficiently.


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