Biden American immigrants

Biden “American immigrants, not only inspected before boarding, but quarantined after arrival”


US President Joe Biden announced on the 21st (local time) that the new coronavirus infection (Corona 19) countermeasures mandating self-isolation of immigrants was announced and said, “It is in wartime.” From the 26th, it was cleared that quarantine was a top priority by verifying that all passengers boarding aircraft bound for the U.S. had received a negative Corona 19 test within 72 hours of departure, and added a duty to self-isolate after entering the country.

At a press conference at the White House on the 21st,

President Biden signed an executive order containing the relevant details, saying, “Travelers coming to the United States from abroad must undergo inspection before boarding (airplane) and self-isolate after arriving in the United States.” However, it did not mention the specific isolation period. Currently, self-isolation after entering the United States is a recommendation, not compulsory, and the period is 10 days.

He has also signed an executive order requiring masks to be worn in public transportation such as airports, airplanes, trains, intercity buses and passenger ships. It was decided to supply personal hygiene products, inspection materials, and vaccines necessary for the prevention of Corona 19 through the Defense Materials Production Act (DPA).

President Biden said,

“More than 400,000 Americans died from Corona 19, more than those killed in World War II. Over the next six weeks, the cumulative death toll will reach 500,000.”

The executive order is urgent enough to correspond to the ‘wartime’ operation. “We are still in the dark winter of the pandemic pandemic. “We will have to wait months or more for the situation to improve.”

President Biden criticized the former Donald Trump administration’s vaccination policy as a “horrible failure,” and expressed his intention to speed up vaccination. Anthony Pouch, head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, who had not attended a press conference by health officials outside the eyes of former President Trump due to disagreements on quarantine policy, also attended the conference.

White House spokesman Jen Saki said on the day, “The Biden administration is willing to promote a five-year extension of the ‘New Strategic Arms Reduction Agreement’ (New Start), which limits the scale of nuclear weapons by the US and Russia to a certain level.” It was signed by the two countries in 2010, during the time of President Barack Obama, and limits the nuclear warheads of both countries to 1550 each. It was initially scheduled to expire on the 5th of next month. The Russian government also expressed its welcome intention on the 22nd.

Saki said on Twitter that FBI Director Christopher Ray, 55, was retained. Ray, who became the head of the FBI in August 2017, has been criticized for refusing to side with Trump in a lawsuit against former President Trump against the presidential election, and investigations of President Biden’s rich son’s alleged adhesion to Ukraine.

Biden American immigrants