Members of a popular internet forum were quick to call out one boss who posted a note aggressively banning employees from engaging in “non-work” discussions while on the clock.

In a viral Reddit post published on r/antiwork, Redditor u/MrHatesThisWebsite (otherwise referred to as the original poster, or OP) shared a photo of the note posted by their boss, and explained that they had previously been accosted for chatting with a coworker.

Titled, “Came into work this morning to find this taped to the wall,” the viral post has received nearly 56,000 votes and 5,500 comments in the last 6 hours.

Throughout the note shared by the original poster, capitalized, underlined and bright red words make it clear that any conversations that aren’t work related are strictly prohibited.

“WORK IS NOT MEANT TO BE FUN.,” the note reads.


At the end of the note appears a meme depicting a minion from the Despicable Me franchise.

“WORK IS NOT YOUR DAYCARE,” the meme reads. “TRUTH.”

Amid the Great Resignation, the recent phenomenon which has seen American workers quit their jobs at higher rates than any other point in United States history, the greatest predictor of employees separating from their employers is toxicity.

Boss furious over "non-work" conversations
Redditors slammed one boss who posted an aggressive note demanding employees stop talking to each other about “non-work” topics while on the job.
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Earlier this month, an article published by MIT Sloan Management Review revealed that toxic work cultures have prompted more employees to leave their jobs than any other factor, including compensation.

MIT Sloan Management Review also reported that toxicity in the workplace was 10 times more likely to cause an employee to quit than issues of salary.

Among the five most common attributes of toxic work cultures, disrespect—defined as “lack of consideration, courtesy, and dignity for others,” reportedly has the most negative impact on how employees rate their current, or former, company’s culture.

While disrespect is a major predictor of high turnover rates, giving employees a reason to stay at a company for prolonged periods of time is a major predictor of the exact opposite.

In an article titled, “Five Ways to Retain Employees Forever,” the Harvard Business Review reported that giving employees responsibility, respect, revenue-sharing, rewards and time for relaxation are all crucial in maintaining continuity in the workplace.

Chastising staff members for speaking to each other during downtime, however, was not included on the list.

Throughout the comment section of the viral Reddit post, Redditors were adamant that punishing employees for being friendly with each other is counterintuitive, and contributes directly to a toxic work culture.

“This is really shortsighted,” Redditor u/Injuun wrote in a comment which has received more than 5,000 votes.

“A happy work environment with sharing employees fosters a better experience for all concerned parties,” they continued. “An employer is lucky if their staff gets along. If there are long stretches of dead time, it’s either efficiency from the manager or a part of the job.”

In the post’s top comment, which has received more than 11,000 votes, Redditor u/wampuswrangler speculated that the note included in the viral post was an indicator of poor management. They also pointed out the use of a meme depicting a character from a children’s movie.

“The f*****g minion meme,” they wrote. “You already know everything you need to know about this miserable m**********r by them using one un-ironically.”

In a separate comment, one Redditor offered a piece of advice to the original poster.

“Pull that down and throw it in the trash,” they wrote.

“[Nah], stick it up at the front of the store, where all the customers can see it,” another Redditor responded. “Let them know what kind of business they are supporting.”

Newsweek reached out to the original poster for comment.

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