During winter times the corner of your lips starts to get red, hurt, spit open, cracks. What happens with you? There is a cold sore corner of mouth. This is characterized by splitting, ulceration and soreness of the lips and can both edges of your lips. Eating is becoming difficulty and drinking also as well as laughing, taking, phoning, and every other activity where the lips have to be moved. You might even have a problem to go out as your lips may not look nice.

The cause is Angular cheilitis. During winter time there is cold weather. When there is cold weather this means low temperature and therefore the air is cold. In physics it is well known that cold air is dry air. And this leads to dry lips and cracking of the skin at the edges of the lips. Deficiencies in nutrition can contribute to the problem. If a person does not take enough vitamin in minerals, especially iron, the skin can more easily be affected. Therefore, taking a healthy diet will help.

First start to take iron-rich food and then add meals with lots of salad and fruits, at least five times a day. This will provide an excellent basis for the dry corners of the mouth to heal out quickly. Additionally they must be treated regularly and carefully. The best is to wait for summer time. During the warm season there are much less sore corners of the lips that may hurt you and chances of completely healing Angular Chelitis are more likely.

Source by Terry Hart


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