I am not sure, which is more concerning, that, so many politicians, seem to not care, don’t thoroughly think and analyze, put their personal/ political agenda, and, self – interest, ahead of the common good, or, if some of them, actually, believe, some of the apparent – nonsense, they articulate! Although, many have considered, politicians, to be less – than, trustworthy, in the past, the degree, and extent of this, in recent times, exceeds, anything, in recent memory! It, probably, came – to – a – head, during the administration of former – President Trump, when political fact – checkers, state, the number, and rate (as well as degree), of, lies, and misstatements, was alarming, and should have been concerning. Consistently, instead of reversing a position, when a lie, was exposed, Trump, often, double – downed on his version of reality! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 6 truly, concerning, areas, where this occurs.

1. The Big Lie: Never – before, in recent memory, has a loser of a Presidential election, continued, lying, making excuses, and false accusations, declaring himself, as the real winner, and stating, his opponents committed, stealing the election, using a slogan, Stop the Steal! His campaign, filed, more court suits, demands for recounts, etc, than ever, before, and, all, confirmed, the legitimacy of the election. He continues this, to this day, and the Republican Party, has become the Party of Trump, accepting the Big Lie! I am not sure, whether, if they, truly, believe this, it isn’t, even, more concerning!

2. Trickle – down economics: No major country has ever benefited, from any version, of Trickle – down economics, which, basically, means, rewarding the wealthiest, believing, it would encourage, more hiring, etc. Instead, we witness, today, perhaps, the greatest/ largest, wage/ income gaps, in recent memory! We, first, witnessed, this approach, during the administration of President Ronald Reagan, and, while, the wealthiest, significantly, benefited, the rest, did not! The 2017 tax reform, largely, passed, along party lines, also, predominantly, benefited, the largest corporations, and wealthiest individuals, despite claims, the middle – class, would be the major winners!

3. Does enhanced, unemployment insurance, discourage, seeking jobs?: Many Republicans claim, the extra $300 for enhanced, unemployment insurance, is harming the economy’s recovery, because, it discourages people, from returning to the workplace! However, if that amount discourages, what does it, really, indicate, about worker’s wages? Since, unemployment insurance, pays, no more than half (up to a cap), only, those, earning under $600 per week (about $30, 000 per year), would consider this, and, in most parts of this nation, people can’t live, in any quality manner, on that little amount!

4. Excessive use of labels: Many politicians resort to, using, simplistic, labels, to describe their opponents! How often, do, so – called, conservatives, call, those, they disagree, with, names, such as Socialist, Communist, etc?

5. Health care: Should, quality health care (and, affordable), be a right, or, simply, available? We hear claims, by many Republicans, the Democrats are trying to make health care, socialist!

6. Minimum wage: Claiming, businesses, cannot afford to pay a higher wage, ignores, the fact, the Federal Minimum Wage, has remained, at $7.25 per hours, for about 13 years! There is no place, in this nation, one can afford to live, on that amount! Consider, what this amount, equates – to, when adjusted, for inflation? Wouldn’t a better approach (fairer), be, to create a new minimum, in increments, over about 3 years, and, then, once set, automatically, adjusting it, based on the cost – of – living)?

Declaring, many politicians lie, is not, newsworthy, but, if, they, actually, believe some of, what they articulate, it must be concerning! Wake up, America, and become better, and demand integrity, etc!

Source by Richard Brody


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