Lanyards are a popular option for ID badge display. However, there are times when they can get caught on objects or otherwise interfere with mobility. Safety releases can make this less of a problem, but simply avoiding entanglement in the first place is a good idea. Some people are also uncomfortable wearing anything around their necks. For others, opting for another ID card presentation method is simply a matter of taste. Some activities such as sports naturally lend themselves to other types of accessories. Here is a brief overview of various lanyard alternatives.

Wrist Coils or Bands

Plastic wrist coils keep ID access cards and keys close at hand. The expandable variety fits comfortably over the wrist and can be stretched out like a telephone cord. After each use, it recoils to its original length – keeping it out of the way. These can be purchased in clear plastic for an unobtrusive appearance, or in a variety of colors to make the coil easy to locate. Elastic bands can also be worn on the wrist, but they don’t offer the same reach and flexibility as a coil. These can be fitted with a nickel-plated metal swivel hook to hold a hole-punched badge. They fit snugly around the wrist and are not likely to accidentally slide off.

Belt Loop Clips

Carabiner badge reels can hook directly onto a belt loop. They feature a retractable line that holds ID cards close to the waistband when not in use. These are a favorite for contractors and other employees who may be exposed to several different working environments in the course of a day. Chrome is a popular choice for heavy duty use and plastic badge reels are perfect for water sports.

Arm Bands

For a truly hands free approach to credential display, you can’t beat the arm band/badge holder combination. These horizontal or vertical holders can be purchased in bright neon orange or yellow. Reflective safety patches make these accessories highly visible – even in low light conditions. The arm bands are generally one-size fits all and can be adjusted to suit the wearer. These bands are worn on the upper arm (close to the arm pit) so choose antimicrobial materials to aid hygiene. Construction and emergency workers frequently use this type of accessory since the badge holders are easy to spot at a distance and will not accidentally fall off.

Luggage Badge Holders

Identification cards can also be attached to luggage for tracking purposes. Obviously, you won’t want to send your access card off by itself to get lost, but a simple photo ID with your name and picture will work fine. These badge holders are the right size for business cards too. Plastic IDs need to be slot punched for use with this type of rigid plastic or semi-rigid vinyl holder. A luggage chain attachment is another option for holding hole-punched cards.

Retainer Cords

These card holders come in a variety of styles. They can feature the same type of attachment on each end, or two different attachments. Popular options include expandable nylon coils with a split ring on one end and a plastic J hook on the other for holding casino slot cards. Woven nylon cords can be outfitted with swivel hooks, plain loops, and/or bull-dog clips to hold a variety of items including ID badges.

Source by Daisy McCarty