How Will Cryptocurrency Affect Our Economy?

Future of Bitcoin: How Will Cryptocurrency Affect Our Economy?

Future of Bitcoin: How Will Cryptocurrency Affect Our Economy?

Future of Bitcoin: How Will Cryptocurrency Affect Our Economy?: There are many speculations and discussions happening all over the world right now with regard to the future of bitcoins and how it might impact on global economics, the value of money, and the nature of trade itself. With regards to this article, we will attempt to provide an objective and unemotional overview of what everyone is talking about these days. Let’s get started!

The Future of Bitcoin

First, lets start with the most recent news regarding bitcoins, what can we learn from it concerning its future value prediction. Wikipedia writes: “The name’bitcoins’ derives from the term ‘bitcommodity'”. Further analysis from experts reveals that this can be attributed to a cryptography technology known as ‘bitcoins’. In short, bitcoins are virtual currency. According to some experts, its value prediction may be conservative as its success depends on how well people use it as a system of money and how soon governments will get a hold of it.

The second topic that we’ll discuss in this article is the value prediction of other commodities.

This article is mostly about the new gold rush and how people have started investing huge amounts in gold, especially after reading about 10 experts’ predictions about the future of bitcoins. The experts who made this prediction are none other than Henry Ford, Enron founder and financier Kenneth Lewis, Nick Roditi, William Pitt, Warren Buffet, Peter Thiel, Nick Vuijcic, Prem Sikri and others. All these experts have something good to say about the use of bitcoins as a system of money and how it will eventually dominate all other systems of money like the dollar and the Euro. The system will become the number one system globally.

Future of Bitcoin: How Will Cryptocurrency Affect Our Economy?

From the above, it can be seen that there are two main aspects that have been discussed in this article. Let’s talk about the value prediction first. The value of bitcoin is something that cannot be compared with anything because it has increased by leaps and bounds without any limit. It is currently valued at about $5.9 million, which is more than twice of what it was valued at during its beginning.

Now let’s look at the value prediction of the other currencies that are related to the bitcoins.

The first thing we’re going to do is to take a look at the predictions of the top five coins that are most predicted by the top 15 experts. Those are the Monero, Dash, Zcash, Dogecoin, Pimco and Euros. Out of those, only the Dash has an anticipation of exceeding the bitcoin’s market cap within the next three months. Hence, it is already predicted to take up for the top position in the list of cryptosystems in future.

The second subject we are going to look into is the other side of the story. Experts also predict that there will be more forks among the existing currencies like the EUR/USD, USD/JPY and USD/CHF. When the forks happen, they will cause different currencies to gain or lose their value. If you have an international money and you are trying to convert to the local currency, then this may be a good time for you to start looking into the future of bitcoin news. As you probably know, the value of the local currency is directly associated to the value of the international currency.

How Will Cryptocurrency Affect Our Economy?


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