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    Covid19 More Aggressive Than a Suicide Bomber

    Covid19 Pandemic is an increasing trends in Pakistan day by day, affecting humanity around the globe, its fear is more than terrorist attack, each individual is a kind of suicide attacker, just get into...

    US standup comedian Jackie Mason dies in New York aged 93

    Mason, who was a rabbi before turning to comedy, was known for his sharp wit and piercing social commentaryJackie Mason, the rabbi-turned-comedian who was known for his pugilistic, self-deprecating stand-up routines, has died at...

    Jackie Mason: compellingly blunt joke-teller who was part of standup history

    Though in later years he fell from fashion, his rabbinical style in early routines felt very much like live comedy’s native tongueIf Jackie Mason could speak to us now, he’d surely be reporting back...


    Bed Bugs Aren’t In The News Anymore – Why Is That?

    Bed bugs were the Freak-Out Flavor of the Month a few years ago. But you don't seem to hear much about them now. Why...

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