On this episode of Global National: Criticism is mounting on the federal government over Canada’s response to the Taliban’s takeover in Afghanistan. Fahima Faqiri and her three young children are among the hundreds of Canadian citizens and permanent residents believed to be stuck in what is now Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. Jeff Semple spoke with her stepson Maiwand in Kitchener, Ontario about how he feels the federal government is failing his family.

American citizens and Afghans are being warned to stay away from the Kabul airport, which is under U.S. control. There is growing concerns about the risks outside the gates, including threats from the so-called Islamic State. Jennifer Johnson reports on the violence and pandemonium outside the airport’s gates, which is under Taliban control.

Back in Canada, Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole is facing heat over his carbon pricing plan as he tries to shore up more support in the Western provinces where the party tends to do quite well. But some platform policies, like the carbon pricing plan, is proving a tough sell in the West. Abigail Bimman explains why.

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh has promised to build 500,000 affordable homes across Canada over the next decade, if his party is elected, and promises to implement rental supports for families. Mike Le Couteur breaks down what else the NDP’s housing plan promises.

Is incumbency an advantage in an election campaign? According to new Ipsos polling, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau is faring well after his first week on the campaign trail. But Eric Sorensen reports on what issues an incumbent can also face and why there’s only a brief window for opposition leaders to prove why they could lead the country.

With a fourth wave underway in Canada, more cases of COVID-19 are being reported among double vaccinated people. While those numbers are still low, the Delta variant may see the cases among those fully vaccinated grow. Jamie Mauracher breaks down what’s behind breakthrough cases, and what experts say can curb them.

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  1. – In 1975, Carter extradited Khomeini from Paris to Iran with Air France to turn the Middle East and North Africa into a battlefield of terror. For more than 40 years, the Iranian people have fought against this extremist regime, in which thousands have been killed and imprisoned.

    – In 2021, Biden brought the terrorist Taliban from Qatar with an American-made plane to kill the innocent people of Afghanistan again, even with the military equipment donated by Biden !!

    – Raiysi, The fake President of the Iran regime called the success of the Taliban in defeating the United States great!

    -‘I haven’t seen that poll’!: Biden questioned over declining confidence in his leadership.

    – Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has described the USA cut and run from Afghanistan as "stupid, dangerous, sad and unnecessary, which is neither in the interest of the Afghans nor in the interests of the US and Europe, but is good for China, Russia and Iran." He called for "maximum pressure" on the Taliban, saying the West had lost much of its leverage in Afghanistan, but not all of it.

  2. Omg! I cannot believe the ignorance and poor information we get from our news stations. Of course people who are double vaccinated and exposed to the virus could get the virus. The vaccine was developed for the alpha variant of the virus. We are now dealing with the Delta variant. It will not prevent anyone from getting a new strain of the virus. It will however help lessen the severity of the infection. Double vaccinated people like this woman would get Covid if exposed but it would be asymptomatic or mild or at least preventing them from being admitted into the hospital ER and being intubated.
    The following information is being studied in the UK however, more than likely If you are double vaccinated and you get Covid you then will have immunity for quite some time. Of course we do not know how long at this point in time but you would have the best immunity now that you have been double Vaxxed and had Covid. The reverse also is true if people have Covid and then they get double vaccinated after the fact. This combination makes for the best and strongest immunity to COVID-19. Again this is to be studied but it is most likely the case. Personally I am hoping that the results of this study in the UK on immunity come out sooner than later because if it proves what I have mentioned above with a combination of exposure and vaccines giving the strongest immunity it would be best then to let everything take it’s course. Meaning that once one is double vaccinated that should be enough and those people should be allowed to get back to normal life. No booster shots necessary. I have my fingers crossed that this is so.

  3. Carbon is a red herring. Pollution: is the concern We need to address. The so-called carbon Green Deal is bogus. The Climate has always been changing, It is part of its job.
    Refrain from using My waters as Your corporate and personal toilet bowl. To begin with. Once We no longer experience Red Tide cancer in My oceans then We can then think
    of the expensive delusion of Mars habitation?
    Wanna live at 200 degrees below zero? No matter what kind of greenhouse you build, the cost of one apple if It succeeded be somewhere shy of say ten trillion dollars? Maybe? Familiarity breeds contempt? Well if ya like stealing n plastic smiling Vampires ache a suck more a yer blood.
    Vote for Just won Tudeleau. Sad thing O'Tool just looks n sounds like a dim wit tool. Politics does not call forth Our best.

    Blake Cushing. Rex: 202

  4. Why take something that does not protect you at all. In the past a vaccine protected you against the disease. Something is not right and now just look at what is happening in Israel the double vaccinated are ending up in the hospital but this is not being told to people and the news is being hushed up.

  5. No party worth voting for since non of the policies benefit Canadians. PPC is the only one worth considering since they go for freedom not the agenda of the one world government. The carbon tax tells it all. What happened to individual rights. I would never vote Liberal again after watching them destroy small business and using a policy of lockdowns that do not work. We need freedom for the people not these three parties that have done very little to benefit the average person. Trust is fleeting just look at the polices they are promoting.

  6. Every person in the western world has fought and died for freedom we've paid untold tolls for this life and now people that wouldn't fight to keep a country safe and free with opportunities, wants it given, boy starting to think we're a bunch of suckers

  7. NEED of the HOUR: The world should atleast help and support the Northern Alliance led by the new Afghan president Amarullah Saaleh in Panjsher area who are now poised to fight Taliban. Thats the best bet we have against Taliban. Arm them, help them and keep china and pakistan in check while doing so.

  8. This is the time of Canadians to make a demand to the Candidate.. must be sign by promises and commitment as a public servant those are listed the following demand: health care program guarantee , Agriculture program support, lifted poverty,. Lowering tax , control the housing price demand ,Emergency fund,lifted Economy by trading industry, Natural resources development, Control the pandemic to find the real cure not Vax., Protect the Constitution and human rights. Those candidate leader to deliver this people demand. You should make the oath and sign. With in two yrs run if you failed you pass to next vice minister or President of the Senate. People never trust they failed their promises once they have a power. They tollally changed we need a strong Leadership to stand out have action also have good heart . All Canadians must do this before the election .🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦😇😇😇😇❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️