V.I.O. Inc. owes its existence to a company called Viosport.com, which was started in the year 2000. David Ollila was the founder who wanted a quality video camera to make video clips, and decided to make his own. As a result, found himself with a winning product on his hands. The VIO-POV 1.5 has since become a much sought-after helmet camera.

This is, without doubt, an exceptional product, as evidenced by the fact that prestige entertainment organizations and other professionals use it. Among these are MTV, Paramount Pictures and the Discovery Channel. Currently, the Armed Forces,Law Enforcement and Security Professionals all use VIO camera systems as well as industrial and commercial organizations.

Having said all this, I suppose that the majority of you reading this will be those taking part in action sports and will already be acquainted with the process of shooting your own exploits. Plus, you may possibly have questions about the practical design features of the VIO-POV 1.5 that justify the slightly higher cost.

‘POV’, which is short for ‘Point of View’, as the name implies, means that the camera has been designed to be situated virtually anywhere to give just about any viewpoint that you can envisage. It follows that there are a diverse number of places and vehicles that an enthusiast would wish to mount the VIO-POV Helmet Camera. A few of these are:

  • Virtually anyplace on any vehicle
  • Various places on a boat
  • Motorcycles, Dirt Bikes etc.
  • Mountain Bikes
  • Helmets of any description
  • Any headgear including soft hats and caps
  • Sports Equipment
  • Clothing in general plus boots and belts
  • Guns and rifles

A good selection of the mounting aids that are commonly used come as standard.

A prime requirement of any top helmet camera is that it must withstand extreme bumps and shocks and keep out water, dust, snow etc. The POV 1.5 delivers on all of these requirements.

You can strap the wireless remote control on to your wrist or indeed anywhere that you want for one-handed operation. Your remote control also has a liquid crystal diode preview screen so that you can see what you are videoing plus allowing you some creativity. For example:

  • Mount your camera facing to the rear and you can see where your race competitors are
  • Mount the camera in front of and facing you, about 18 to 24 inches away and this will allow you to view your facial reactions when performing your action sequences!

There are many more reasons why you may wish to consider investing in the POV 1.5, which I list on HiDefHelmetCams, a website given over to reviews and discussion of Helmet Cameras only.

Source by Bruce Barker