Historical Weather: Understanding The Past


Weather conditions play an important part in our everyday lives. Whether we are off to work, wondering whether sailing conditions are good enough on the weekend or hoping to throw a garden party, the weather can make all the difference to our plans.

Using the latest apps and visiting trusted weather sites we can easily be aware of just what to expect but what about planning ahead and knowing what the weather conditions may be well in advance?

Weather conditions are known to be unpredictable at the best of times, but did you know that understanding historic weather data can help you get an idea of what to expect for the weather ahead?

Although there are no guarantees, for those who have plans to venture outdoors, to take part in sailing, surfing, skiing or other activities that could be affected by the weather, historic data can give you an idea of what you may be facing.

From specific months to weeks or days, a glance back can help you determine whether there are any patterns in the weather conditions.

If you’ve planned a first time trip to a country, past weather data can help you to get a feel for what to expect during your time there. Does the data suggest that a specific time frame generally appears to be one of the warmest months or has it been surprisingly cold for the past few years? Either way, in this particular case the past can provide a fantastic insight into the future.

Historical weather API’s are a fantastic tool that can provide you with detailed information on past forecasts, for almost any region in the world. There are a number of weather specialist websites that offer this historic data. From general weather to sailing conditions, to even confirming whether you are taking enough sunscreen on your holiday, some of the best weather API’s can give you an idea of what to do.

From the city name to postcode and even airport code, detailed API’s are unbeatable and it comes as no surprise as to why weather specialists offer their API’s free as the information can prove invaluable for many web developers, helping to ensure that their websites are providing as much information as possible.

For those who are particularly looking to determine weather patterns, generally speaking around 5 or 6 years’ worth of data is often enough to provide a good insight. There are many historical API’s that do offer weather data going back 50 years but unless you find yourself needing to construct an in-depth report, a few years of past data will normally be more than enough.

Predicting the weather is impossible and sometimes even the most experienced weather forecasters can get it a little wrong but with historical data, picking up on patterns can, if nothing else, give us some indication of what could come.

Source by P W Jones


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