how long does it take to learn python

how long does it take to learn python
how long does it take to learn python

When Talking about the standard period it Shouldn’t Take more than One Month to learn to learn the basics and syntax of python i.e., loops, variable, conditional statements, etc. On the other hand, it also depends on your programming learning abilities. In 30 days, you become capable enough to build simple working Software. But it takes ages to become qualified for a program anything you wanted and with few bugs. If you practice python daily and did the same for 365 days, you will be better than you are right now.

Truth to tell, in all likelihood, lesser than 5% of Programmers in the world regularly practice their pursuit daily. If you make yourself habitual of coding daily, you may learn faster than the rest of 95% of programmers.

It Doesn’t Matter How Long It Takes As long as you do not stop.


Is it hard to learn Python?


When Talking about python, it’s Easy itself; the syntax is easy to understand, but when it comes to problem-solving, python is complicated as any other programming language. If you want to make it hard, there are several books titled learn Python the hard way. You can make anything hard if you try or don’t try or try too hard and too long on not enough sleep. You can learn the basics in a few days, the oddities in a few weeks or months, depending on the variety of projects you worked on previously. I’ve heard that experience or lack thereof affects how quickly you can learn it.


Python vs Java vs PHP

You’ll learn Python faster if you already know object-oriented programming. In that case, why not learn Java or PHP? PHP is easier to understand. But Python is one of the most widely used languages, with C and JavaScript only rivaling it in usage. C is more of a machine-level language, while JavaScript seems to revolve around inexplicable error messages on my computer. Python is one of the better languages you could learn. You learn how to handle variables and how whitespace is essential. It makes some programmers feel like there is a white space in their heads. There are a lot of resources for Python programmers. So says


Python requires dedication and patience to learn. Once you do, you’ll be a great fan. A fan is short for fanatic. Shall I end up a figurative or even literal monk like a Lisp user? Python has strong types like Java and dynamic types like PHP. What you learn from Python you can use elsewhere. I’ve heard the same thing about Haskell teaching you the logical flow of programming, though a flow charter would do more. Or maybe it was PowerPoint. Haskell isn’t used outside of a small, dedicated circle. You’ll find far more resources and teachers than the Computer Science department’s doctoral candidate to learn Python.

How long does it take to learn Python to get a job?


Learning python takes at least 30 days for particularly for studying and programming. For making yourself master or able to do a job, you need to do more projects initially. You can earn up to $100,000 or even more only if you are an expert in Python and living in the US. There is a shortage of Python programmers for Artificial Intelligence.  If you are already familiar with any object-oriented programming, it might be easy for you to learn the Python.

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