How Mi TVs are Becoming Popular in India?

How Mi TVs are Becoming Popular in India


How Mi TVs are Becoming Popular in India: The typical Indian buyer has a long list of demands from the best TV brands in India. The demands of the potential TV buyer include: value-for-money, state-of-the-art appearance, up-to-date features, cutting-edge technology, amazing image clarity and contrast, and impeccable sound quality.


TV brands in India have been quick and efficient in responding to market requirements.

Buyers on a tight budget can get a 32-inch LED TV for a price between Rs. 13,000 to Rs. 18,000. Moreover, these 32-inch LED TVs come with HD Ready resolution, and offer 20 watt sound output (in most models), colour and contrast enhancement, internet connectivity and other synchronization and integration conveniences.


Buyers who are not constrained by budget are willing to go all in, but demand value for every extra rupee they spend. They want even better sound, gaming features and theatre-level viewing experience.


Buyers are varied, not just in their budget preferences, but in the sizes of TVs they prefer and the features and appearance that they’re looking for in their TV. Catering to a market as large and diverse as India means offering at least one option if not a few, to every type of buyer.


Several TV brands in India are competing to capture the attention of the Indian television buyer. Samsung, LG, Mi, Sharp, and OnePlus are among the brands that are vying for the consumer’s attention. Everyone wants a piece of the pie, and one of the most popular names  among the TV brands in India is Mi. So what is it that makes Mi LED TVs so desirable?



Mi LED TVs are competitively priced, to offer the brand a reasonable advantage in its competitive set. For example, you can get a 32-inch Mi LED TV for as little as Rs. 13,500. Similarly, you can get 43-inch Mi LED TVs starting at Rs. 23,500.



Although features may vary among different models, you can expect your Mi TV to come with Wi-Fi connectivity and HD Ready resolution, with ultra bright display, 20 watt sound output, 60Hz refresh rate, and two or three USB ports.



Multiple Mi LED TV models are available in the 32-inch and 43-inch categories. The brand offers one model each in the 50-inch, 55-inch and 65-inch categories. In the 43-inch TV segment, there are three options up for grabs.


Mi LED TVs are sleek and stylishly designed. Buyers can choose to have them on a stand or wall-mounted, depending on their room layout and personal preferences.


How Mi TVs are Becoming Popular in India?

A lot of new age buyers are very conscious of supporting local jobs. They want to know not just the monetary cost, but the overall cost of their purchase. These buyers have a preference for brands that are home-grown or that manufacture locally, thereby supporting the local job market.


In June this year, Xiaomi announced that 85% of Mi TVs are being manufactured here in India. The fact that the brand has been manufacturing more and more of its TVs here since it began doing so in 2018, has probably contributed to its popularity.


If you’re a big fan of Mi TVs and want to buy the best Mi LED tv for yourself and your family, you might still be able to get a great deal on some festive offers. However, you don’t have to depend on your Diwali or year-end bonus to purchase a smart TV.


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