How to Protect yourself from 5G

how to protect yourself from 5g
how to protect yourself from 5g

5G stands for the fifth generation of mobile Internet and, therefore, the wireless option for creating phone calls. Here you will find How to Protect Yourself from 5G. The radiation is electromagnetic. you’ll be able to read below what the new cellular standard means:

In contrast to its 4G predecessor, 5G achieves speeds of up to twenty gigabits per second. It implies that you can’t open websites in almost real-time.

For this, however, the users also need more transmission masts in their area. The latter send their signals to the devices that use them. Thus the radiation also gets into the body. It happens particularly within the places with which you touch your smartphone.

Imagine the method in terms of wavelengths. These signify a particular frequency. The smaller the waves, the more energy they have and thus get deeper into your body. So if 5G radiation oscillates at a better frequency, the latter happens to a lesser extent.

More transmission masts are required here, in and of itself, a frequency covers a smaller range.

Also, old radiation sources like 2G, 3G, LTE, WLAN, etc. will still run alongside the fashionable 5G network.

Electrohypersensitivity and increased cancer risk as a result of telephone radiation.

The current level of radiation exposure from LTE networks is already accountable for damage to health. Many of us experience headaches and insomnia – common symptoms of electrohypersensitivity. Serious damage to human cells may also be traced back to exposure to mobile phone radiation, like DNA strand breaks. Numerous medical studies prove that serious health consequences can occur even below the itinerant radiation’s legal limit values ​​. According to The American Cancer Research Center and Foundation, there was an increased risk of tumors in rats exposed to high-frequency radiation. Particularly alarming: the radiation dose to which the rats were exposed is predicated on radiation exposure that’s common in the standard of living.

Why is that the new cellular standard more dangerous than LTE? – 5G Dangers

Since the new mobile radio standard network will include significantly more transmission masts, a far higher level of radiation exposure is expected: effective protection is more necessary than ever. “Millimeter-wave technology” is the keyword. In contrast to the old mobile communications standards, 5G relies on higher frequency ranges – with serious consequences. The fifth-generation transmits in numerous areas: the so-called “Sub-3-GHz” area, which moves in a very similar frequency range because of the old LTE standard. For the primary time, frequencies between 3.4 and 3.7 gigahertz also are being employed. It can be called the C-band.

The high-frequency spectrum area, also called millimeter-wave frequency in Germany, has proven to be particularly problematic. It concerns frequency ranges between 26 and 28 gigahertz. Cellular networks with higher frequencies can transport more data faster but cover less space. The signal from a brand new 5G transmission mast only penetrates 150 to 2000 meters. For comparison, within the LTE network, the transmission cell range is between 5 and eight kilometers. Thousands of recent transmitter masts would be in-built order to be ready to offer the new mobile radio standard nationwide. Industry experts speak of 800,000 new transmitter masts with which inner cities and the countryside are peppered and sparse.

In this way, you avoid permanent 5g radiation exposure.

How 5G radiation affects the chassis is controversial. Since we are exposed to an excessive number of other sources of radiation daily, it is smart to guard yourself against them:

● Make calls on the landline every now then. Otherwise, the hands-free function of your smartphone is an alternative. you’ll be able to hold your portable off from you or, at best, put it down. It can prevent you from getting the radiation directly on your ear or face.

● If possible, only make longer phone calls with a well-functioning telephone connection. If this is often not guaranteed, your device will emit more radiation because it tries to keep up contact.

● Keep all electrical appliances switched off at night. Your smartphone, television, and WiFi also deserve an opportunity. you’ll also use a timer with a battery rather than your itinerant.

● You can also do it without your smartphone for some hours. If this is often hardly possible for you, keep it far away from your body. don’t carry it in your hands all the time; instead, take it during a suitcase or backpack.

● Attach junction boxes, as an example for WiFi or your electricity meter, within the basement or another storage. Such systems require strong connections and, for this reason, emit more rays.

● Only use the electrical devices that you need and get rid of others. The freer your household is from such sources of radiation, the healthier you reside.


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