VOL: 01 : Social Media & Its Societal Impact
Independent Perception & Research Hub & @IPRHinfo.(International Professional Member Alliance) Presented Live Online International Webinar.
Guest Speaker 01
Dr. Lopamudra Bhattacharjee (Research Fellow of IPRH , Ex – Assistant Professor of Amity University, Rajasthan India)
Topic : ” Impact of Social Media on Mental Health”
Guest Speaker 02
Dr. Arpan Paul , (Research Fellow of IPRH & Faculty Member, Department of Mass Communication, Gurucharan College Silchar India)
Topic : “Expressing Self : Social media restructuring societal values”
Webinar Session Chair & Discuscent:
Eminent Professor Dr. Mihir Kumar Roy (Research Fellow of IPRH & Dean, CU, Bangladesh)
Webinar Moderator:
Md Shahriar Parvez (Academician and Researcher)
CEO & Founder, Independent Perception and Research Hub (IPRH), Bangladesh
Professor & Advisor, Bangladesh Tourism Research Institute (BTRI)
Advisor Bangladesh Tourism Explorers Association (BTEA)
Country Director EuroMed Research Business Institute- EMRBI, Cyprus. European Union.
July 17th, 2021 (Saturday)
7.30 PM (GMT +6) (Bangladesh Standard Time)
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