Let us look at many kinds of adversity: They are,

Personal, Public, Social, Universal and Cosmological..

What causes adversity in personal life? Dominant egos

cause adversity occasionally that make one cry inwardly.

To destroy this adversity, any soothing positive news pop

you up in joyful comfort zone, like a candle in a dark room.

Adversity is caused by our way of dealing with the society,

as a response to anger, failure, hate, hurt, lying, and poverty,

and asserting wrongs that create numerous enemies.

Being calm, collected and weary of impatience and impulsiveness,

personal adversity is destroyed. When personal adversity is destroyed,

the doors open to healing, hope, joy, richness and friendships to

enhance your quality of life with harmony and peace.

“Stop not! Awake to action.” Remember, necessity is the

mother of invention. Businesses provide you possibilities

to prosper, when you pursue any thought guided by goal

oriented actions to personal prosperity. Prepare a list of contacts

expertise available in the telephone directories of your State

and find out who needs that expertise. Manually or buying a

software that deals with it. Talk to many needy, charge recur-

ring commission become prosperous with your list of contacts.

Next is public adversity. Trends in politics may generate anger

among population, living conditions, because they live in

different banks of the river, or in isolated islands, in dense

forests. Live in places where ignorance, illiteracy exist.

Living among elders, educated, well experienced public who

are upto date about local, state and world news manage to eliminate

adversity among them.

Unfortunately, persons with inflated egos are like a dried

tinder. It can ignite with ferocity cause untold harm around.

Social adversities are based on race, color, creed, poverty

and isolation of population.

Numerous unknown novel, viral and other diseases may

become pandemic and catch the whole world population

by surprise any time enhanced by world weather.

Humanity must defend these invisible threats to

itself like, current ravages of pandemic Corona virus in

many parts of the world, except Antarctica perhaps. Early

preventive measures to stop these diseases in their tracks is

a must to prevent these health advsersity.

Volcanic eruptions generate so much smoke and ashes

disrupting normal existence to all living. These affects commercial

air traffic for weeks, and major devastation to all life forms.

Big avalanches and mud slides bury villages with people.

Plate tectonics generate tsunamis with ferocious tidal waves,

torrential rains, lasting high winds erosion of sea shores and

destroying coral reef and pearl generating beds. Many islands

disappear under the waves.

Meteors cause damage to very large land mass and eliminating

all flora and fauna. We have no known defense with us to handle

cosmological adversity.


Source by Srinivasa Govindarajan


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