Home Improvement With Plantation Shutters

While the weather is still not pleasant enough to do a great deal outdoors whether that is home improvement and gardening or having some great family days out; the timing is right to consider looking into what interior home improvements you can do. Looking to see what you can do to make your living areas seem brighter, bigger and more spacious is one idea.

One way to help with thins; alongside being a stunning addition to any room and really boosting the looks visually is to use plantation shutters. Plantation shutters are louvred wooden shutters that give you great control over the amount of light you let in, as well as being great for energy and heating efficiency

How To Make Your Room Look Bigger With Plantation Shutters

One of the keys to making a room look bigger is having a clutter free room; so that there isn’t a feeling of items encroaching on the room. Visual simplicity is important and shutters are a plain understated window covering which helps the trick the mind thinking that more space is available.

Not only doe the simple design of plantation shutters work in terms of the minds perception, but sitting in the window recess means that they sit flush with the window. This means unlike curtains or other window coverings, that there is clear space around the window. To add further to the notion of visual simplicity, having the same colour shutters as the rest of the decor in the room means that the room seems less cluttered and free flowing. For example having the room itself white or cream with white shutters gives you a classic seamless look.

The use of light levels and light reflection is another way in which to help your room look larger. Plantation shutters give you the optimum control over the levels of light that you let in. Having large louvres is one trick to allow you to get large levels of light into your room, particularly if you choose white shutters, which will reflect more light when light passes through them. Placing a mirror opposite your plantation shutters helps to further increase the levels of light that comes into the room.

Heavy curtain fabrics tend to take up wall space above below and around the window recess, meaning that the wall that they are on seems smaller and more cluttered. Louvre Shutters don’t have the same visual limitations and provide a much cleaner tidier window covering.

Plantation Shutters are a neat and tidy window covering, that allow you to personalise the design for the room you have them in; as well as allowing you to easily change them should you wish to redecorate your room. The bright and modern cleanliness the provide helps your room to look larger whether the shutters are open or closed.

Source by Matt S Dickinson