A man who appeared to have had some trouble getting through a set at the gym received some help and encouragement from a fellow gym-goer, as seen in a TikTok viewed more than seven million times.

Kody Philpot posted the video to the TikTok account, @kodydoesfitness, which led to thousands of commenters weighing in on the uplifting moment between the two men.

“This is why I love the gym because you get people like that, what a guy man [for real]!” Philpot’s video caption stated.

A piece written for OPEX Fitness stated that a strong community is something gymgoers find comfort in when they go to work out or participate in a fitness class.

Gym managers who are hoping to strengthen the gym culture should “set the tone,” meaning being supportive may result in gym members acting the same with one another.

In the video, Philpot is seen using dumbbells to do a variation of a chest press exercise, but his rhythm began to slow. The man working out behind him stood up and began spotting him. He guided Philpot’s movements as he continued his set.

“Up, up, up,” the man said to Philpot just before the video ended.

The wholesome interaction received a number of complimentary responses.

“Gym community is solid,” a viewer wrote.

“These easy things random [people] can do to help each other are so heartwarming sometimes,” another commented.

One comment read, “What a legend.”

Some spoke about the type of environment that is found at the gym, and this type of encouragement is beneficial.

“We rise by lifting each other,” a comment read.

Fellow TikTok user @thejoeyswoll, who is known for his videos discussing gym culture and etiquette weighed in himself to commend the interaction.

“This right here is what the gym is all about,” he said. “The gym is a brother and sisterhood. Everybody in there is trying to better themselves in some way.”

@thejoeyswoll said that everyone in the gym is deserving of respect and support, and once in a while, there is a need for additional help.

Gym Spotter
A wholesome interaction between two gym-goers has gone viral on TikTok. Above, a stock image of a man benching as another man spots him.

“These two young men demonstrate that perfectly,” he said.

Newsweek reached out to Kody Philpot for further comment but did not hear back in time for publication.

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