The Vice Presidential candidate often linked to Senator Barack Obama’s ticket removed himself from the possible running. Ohio Governor Ted Strickland said Tuesday he would absolutely not join the Democratic’s presidential ticket in the fall, if asked. Strickland previously backed Senator Hillary Clinton during her campaign for the party’s nomination, and after her bow-down, has since endorsed Obama for president. The governor said to NPR that while he is not interested in being the VP for Obama, it does not mean he is any less committed to helping him reach the presidency. And on Tuesday, Senator John McCain continued to push for presidential debates with voters versus the traditional media-led t-v productions. McCain stated that his campaign challenges Obama’s side to 10 debates over the summer. The presumed Republican presidential nominee also suggested that in order to keep the face-offs on a friendly level, that the two travel to the town hall meetings together in the same plane. McCain said QUOTE, “The American people want a respectful and civilized discussion.”

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