Nvidia’s next-generation flagship graphics card is expected to require 450W of power for the GPU alone, and the board as a whole (TGP) will approach 600W. These projections come from Tom’s Hardware Germany Alumnus Igor Wallossek, who insists that the same industry insider info and assumptions helped him predict the RTX 3090’s power draw “almost exactly right on the watt” ahead of its launch.

Wallossek says Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 3090 Ti provides insight into the company’s plans for the RTX 4090. Add-in-Board partners (AIBs) have confirmed to Wallossek that the GeForce RTX 3090 Ti PCBs will be similar to the next-gen cards. Still, he warns those starting rumors that they will be “pin-compatible” are indulging in purely wishful thinking, according to his knowledge. Rather, the insight that the RTX 3090 Ti board design provides is mostly about power delivery/consumption.

In his report, the Igor’s Lab editor outlines his past GeForce RTX power consumption predictions and applies a similar model to the RTX 4090. We have only reproduced the latter here, but please check out the source if you want to look back at history.

(Image credit: Igor’s Lab)

Wallossek says the TGP figure of 600W, which seems to be derived from his insider contacts and the clues found in the RTX 3090 Ti, is like “Ada’s Playground.”

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