Whether you are involved in any team sport like soccer, baseball and rugby, or part of some individual sport such as tennis, athletics and running, Pilates exercise will have a significant role in almost all elite sports these days. Athletes involved in both individual and team sports are now in search of training regimes that involve Pilates as a fundamental element.

Generally speaking, Pilates exercise will offer benefits to its performers at different levels and after reading these advantages, you will become a Pilates devotee.

Lessens the frequency of injuries

Most athletes and sportspersons have frequent injuries due to wrong posture. If you lack a balanced posture around your pelvis region, there are chances that you might frequently suffer from lower back pain. If this flaw in posture goes unnoticed for long, the person can have anterior pelvic tilt. Imagine someone with their bum sticking out and you will get the picture how different muscles suffer due to wrong posture. In this particular condition, the hamstring muscles remain in a stretched position and so the person is vulnerable to more injuries.

However, Pilates can offer certain dynamic exercises to address the issue. There is weight shifting technique and circuit training to strengthen muscles around the core region including the pelvis. When Pilates workout is performed while keeping these pointers in mind, the chances of any impact-related or other injuries can be reduced.

Better overall body control

If you have taken a step ahead from the classic mat exercises to the reformer, you will discover a whole new world of Pilates programs. A reformer can place your body in a variety of positions and train it for paramount control. Pilates over reformer is ideal for beginners and sportsman might not find it hard to train on it especially if they undertake this process for injury recovery or rehab.

As opposed to those traditional weight training or mat workouts, an athlete gets more pronounced results from using a reformer for Pilates.

Better power yield

If your sport requires intense effort, an unstable position might hold you back from powerful movements. We all know that any Pilates program whether basic or complex will lead to better core strength and as a result the athlete can exert maximum force in their sport without the fear of injury. Pilates offers added strength in the hip region which allows the athlete to apply force form the unorthodox positions.

Though Pilates has some clear advantages for individuals in impact sports, its pros are not any less valuable for recreational sports and general fitness.

Source by Katy Reeve


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