As a baseball player there are many things that you have to be concerned about when it comes to your hitting. From your mechanics to your timing, everything needs to be in order for you to become a successful hitter. The use of pitching machines can be a great tool for helping you develop different aspects of your game as a hitter. Here are a few advantages to using pitching machines:

1. Improve Your Mechanics

You can use pitching machines to help you develop the right body mechanics to improve your swing. By seeing multiple pitches in your training sessions, you can work to develop the right approach with your hips. You want to make sure that you are getting your hips turned and squared toward the pitcher as you are swinging the bat through the zone. This will help you to swing through the ball and drive it. Using pitching machines will provide you the benefit of seeing as many pitches as you need to get your swing right, without having to worry about a coach or pitcher’s arm getting tired.

2. Develop a Batter’s Timing

Using pitching machines can help a batter improve his or her timing. This can come in handy when you are preparing for the pitcher you are going to play against in your next game. If you know how fast they can throw, you can set the velocity of the pitching machine to that speed (or a little bit faster) so that you are more comfortable when it comes time to actually facing that pitcher. This may prevent you from having first at-bat jitters, which can work to ruin your timing as a hitter.

3. Pitching to Certain Locations

When you are looking to practice hitting pitches that are in certain locations, it can be hard to find a pitcher or coach who can consistently hit the same location over and over. With the use of pitching machines, you don’t have to worry about this. You can set up the machine to throw pitches exactly where you want them, whether it’s just off the corners of the plate, or perhaps higher up in the strike zone. With the advantage of being able to practice hitting against pitches that aren’t thrown right down the middle of the plate, you will help to make yourself a better all-around hitter. This is something coaches will be looking for as you reach for higher levels of the game.

Source by Lincoln Hawk