Political Correctness Makes Liars of Us All


Have you noticed that there are certain things you cannot say these days. Instead you are forced to lie and deny the obvious observations and realities that you see? Have you ever considered that in our haste to be nice or political correctness we are making liars of our populations? In doing this are we not promoting deceit? Why are we doing this.

The other day a businessman wished me a happy holiday and complimented me on something, which it was clear he did not believe or care yet he did so out of political correctness rather than honest assessment or sincerity. Obviously being of the non-political correct persuasion I called him on it and said; Oh please, do not over do it now? I feel like someone is pulling a fast one here, look why not drop the condescending gibberish?

The politically correct businessman would not come clean and continued to try to explain his point of view and he said; —- That’s just who I am, Lance, and how I felt. No fast ones, no intention to be condescending.

In fact he went on and on about how he really cared and all that, just digging himself a bigger and bigger hole. It became rather obvious that this gentleman was full of crap and misrepresenting himself. But why; well it is simple really you see; Political Correctness Makes Liars of Us All. There is no need to lie or put up false fronts in order to maintain political correctness. Why is it all of a sudden okay to lie to everyone you meet and deny everything you see? Political Correctness is destroying integrity. Consider all this in 2006.

Source by Lance Winslow


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