(WGHP) — Gas prices have taken another hike in the last 24 hours. Most places around the Triad have surpassed $4 a gallon for regular gas.

Regular gas in High point, Jamestown and Greensboro were all at $4.19 a gallon as of March 8

Michael Jordan drives a van for a company that transports wheelchair-bound patients to doctor’s appointments. Because he drives all day, he says he has to fill up his tank every day. 

“It’s impacting my employer because it’s not just me out here riding around doing this. We got a lot of employees out here, so that has to be a hefty bill for them. And it might be inflation on the customer as well too,” Jordan said. 

There was a break in the prices in Davidson County. One Marathon gas station in Wallberg had regular gas for $3.99. Some people took advantage of the lower price, filling up gas containers for later.

While some were happy to find this rare gem, they still want to know when the pressure at the pumps will let up.

“Since the gas prices have started going up, it used to cost $70 where now it costs $125. These gas prices are truly going to hurt people. You either got to make a decision to eat or buy gas for your vehicle to get to where you go to get to,” Brenda Cassell said. 

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