Trying to decide between portable and permanent ones for your field? Team managers and coaches are recognizing the value of having a low-maintenance, moveable pitching area that improves player performance and tournament scheduling, reduces risk of injury, and keeps younger players in the sport longer. Learn about the key reasons why they have become an integral part of youth leagues as well as parks and recreation baseball programs.

Benefits of Portable Baseball Mounds

  • Increase or decrease distance to pitching rubber: Different age groups have varying capabilities in how far they can throw a ball. With a portable mound you can easily adjust positioning to meet the regulated distances in junior and adult play. This helps players improve form and technique as well as enjoy the game.
  • Reduce field maintenance time in tournaments: These require less maintenance than dirt or clay mounds. You do not have to worry about bringing in additional clay and dirt to fill holes or raking and levelling the area between games. This means tournaments can run on time and volunteers (or paid labor) can be suitably deployed elsewhere. They also protect the natural turf and lower your ground maintenance requirements.
  • Reduce risk of player injury: Being able to adjust to different heights and tapers translates to safer playing conditions for younger players. Since they do not have to strain to throw a baseball, this reduces their risk of pulled or strained muscles and injured rotator cuffs. The no-lip feature of higher-end products also eliminates the tripping hazard associated with traditional clay and dirt ones.
  • Facilitates optimal pitching: With age-appropriate elevation and taper of a portable, rubber pitching mound, the effectiveness of a pitcher’s throw increases. With rubber beneath him/her to push his/her legs against, the pitcher’s body is forced to lean forward and further down, improving the distance covered by the throwing arm. This also increases the velocity of the ball.

A reputable sports equipment supplier will be able to walk you through the process of choosing the right portable pitching mound for your team or field.

Player’s safety is more important an injured player can cost you a lot. Team sports are totally dependent on team player and their outstanding performance. Therefore, it is essential to take care of your team players first.

Being a team leader or coach, you should think about team player’s comfort as well, portable baseball mounds are best choice to go with, as you read above.

Source by C. Brian Richardson