What is it?

BJJ Manifesto is a BJJ e-book course by Matt Arroyo and Rob Kahn.

Who are they?

Rob Kahn: obtained his black belt from Royce Gracie, is the head instructor of Gracie Tampa Matt Arroyo: was one of the fighters who fought for Team Matt Serra in the Ultimate Fighter (Season 6). Arroyo got his black belt from Rob Kahn in 6 years.

What is the course about?

Generally the course is focused on tactics and strategies you can use for BJJ or MMA, rather than techniques.

Below is a summary of what you can find in the e-book:

Chapter 1

• • Strategy on how to cause or wait for opponent to make mistake -and how to capitalize on it

• • 3 ways to create the mistake – eg forcing the mistake by using pressure (eg shoulder pressure when on side control top position)

• • Interesting topic on how to set a pattern and then break it “broken rhythm”

Chapter 2

• • Training structure

• • Discusses how to train, repetition of moves, assess your strengths and weakness

Chapter 3

• • Position specific strategies

• • Shows strategies from guard, mount, half guard, side mount (control), back mount

• • Strategies for attack and defence are covered

Short embedded video clips are added to illustrate some of the key concepts that are taught. Note that there are a couple of bonuses included in the course, which are video instructionals called Goofy Guard, Guillotines Revealed and Advanced Back Attacks. You will also get a free month training at Gracie Tampa North.

My view I certainly learned a lot from it. This is definitely different from the usual BJJ instructionals that focuses on techniques. I found the book to be a real eye opener, and gets you to think on another level. I think BJJ Manifesto has improved my game. However I believe that this is not for newbies, and it would be more suited for grapplers who have at least 6 months experience, up to purple belt level.

Source by Jin C Lee