Rick Simpson’s cannabis oil, its uses and Benefits

Rick Simpson's cannabis oil, its uses and Benefits:
Rick Simpson's cannabis oil, its uses and Benefits:

Rick Simpson is a full spectrum of a cannabis extract, also known as FECO (Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil), which concentrates on THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids. Here your will find detail of Rick Simpson’s cannabis oil, its uses and Benefits. It is administered in drops or tears, stored in a syringe for ease of dosing, as a minimum amount of this concentrate is needed to feel the effects. In this case, we will use the method recommended by Rick Simpson himself, with which we get about 60 grams of oil. Yield may vary depending on the cannabis genetics used in the extraction. 


  • Topically is the best way to use Rick Simpson oilto treat skin conditions; you rub the affected area to absorb. RSO for sale available after great implementation and working.
  • 500 grams of dry cannabis
  • Pure alcohol or petroleum ether (about 10 liters)
  • The deep container where everything can be mixed
  • Fan
  • Large wooden spoon or stick
  • Coffee filters or the like
  • Rice cooker
  • Syringes

How is this type of cannabis oil made?


The method is simple, but be careful as flammable solvents are used, which is why we recommend doing the process outdoors or in a very well ventilated area. Put the marijuana in the deep container and cover it with alcohol. Crush the cannabis using the wooden spoon or stick

Stir all the contents for about 3 minutes. Place a coffee filter, cloth, or strainer in the rice cooker and pour the container’s contents into the oven without the weed. Return the weed left to the filter in the deep container with the rest and cover with alcohol for a second makeover, then repeat steps 3 and 4. We start the evaporation of the solvent, for that we put the pot at high temperature, but that it does not reach 120 ° C. so that the cannabinoids do not evaporate, and we place the fan on the bank so that ‘he pushes the gas.

After most of the alcohol has evaporated and the mixture has reduced considerably, it is advisable to add about ten drops of water and continue to stir and evaporate. When the mixture is concentrated until there is no more evaporation of the solvent, it is time to collect the oil, for this we will use the syringes while the mixture is still hot.


How to use the RSO?


Sublingual: This is the fastest form of absorption. You put a drop under your tongue and hold it for a minute or two

Ingestion: Some people dose RSO in capsules which are then swallowed. So it takes an hour or more for it to take effect

Smoked: Some people smear it on paper, but it’s not very advisable. If you want to smoke it, it is better to do it with a Dab and at a low temperature.

Anally: It is a less common means, but some use it for stomach problems

What is the ideal dose of RSO?


Each day of these 3 months, 3 doses are consumed, separated by 8 hours, starting with minimum doses the size of a grain of rice, and doubling the dose every 4 days until reaching a daily consumption of d ‘one gram, one month later, and from there, one gram per day distributed in 3 times until the end. This is a very objective dosage, as the effect can vary depending on the weight, tolerance, and THC level of the strain of marijuana used. However, it is a good reference as a point of contact and, from this dosage, to adjust which one is best for you.

Benefits of Rick Simpson oil


Since this is a full spectrum extraction, if you make the oil from a standard variety, the end product will have a high THC content, which can exceed 50%, a CBD level between 2 and 6%, slightly less CBG, and up to 2% other cannabinoids. This means that it can be beneficial for many ailments, disorders, and diseases, among which we highlight the following:

  • Pain relief
  • Treatment of cancer of the skin, brain, colon, ovaries, etc.
  • Improves appetite
  • Control and prevention of epileptic seizures
  • Improves and strengthens cardiovascular health
  • Delays the onset of Alzheimer’s disease and other degenerative diseases
  • Very effective against glaucoma
  • Relieves anxiety and stress

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