Scholarship options for education in Canada

Scholarship options for education in Canada
Scholarship options for education in Canada

Scholarships in Canada are mainly offered by the nation’s government, as well as many higher academic institutions. Here you will come to know Scholarship options for education in Canada. These can be availed in the form of grants, awards, and bursaries especially designed for international candidates in a bid to aid them in financing their education.

The application processes require individual applicants to follow according to guidelines of the preferred scholarships. It is also compulsory to take note of the deadlines and apply in advance to the portal closure span, to minimize the option of being rejected. This article will give you an in-depth idea of the scholarships in Canada for international students that best fits your future academic career.


Undergraduate Student Research Awards (UCRA)


 USRA focuses on nurturing your academic interest and fully develop your potential to establish a research career. It can also help students encourage to undertake graduate studies in a preferred background. It can pave the way for you to gain research work experience relevant to your studies in an academic setting. Not to mention that these awards will provide you with financial support by liaising with your host institution.


  •  Canada Graduate Scholarships (Master’s program)


 The aim of the Canada Graduate Scholarships-Master’s (CGS M) program is to provide support to students in developing research skills. It is tailored to assist in the training of highly qualified graduates, primarily focused on prospective students. They can demonstrate a high standard of academic or professional achievement in undergraduate and early graduate programs. The CGS M Program grants funding to 3,000 students annually in all areas of the discipline. It is co-administered by the three Canadian federal agencies: Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) and Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC). The selection process and administration post-award is executed at the college level, as per the guidance of the three agencies.


  •  Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS)


 The scholarship is tailored to help fund the graduate studies of students. Depending on the number of terms, its value spans from $10000 to $15000. The funding includes aid both by the Ontario government, as well as the destination school, with a flexible deadline varying based on the academic department or program of study. To eligible, the applicant must be already registered in a full-time graduate program (Master’s or Doctoral level)for two or more terms.


  •  University Canada West (MBA Scholarship)


  •  This scholarship amount can be up to $11700 for tuition fees. A candidate is considered eligible if they hold an acceptable score on GMAT and GRE (appeared within the last five years). Basic academic requirements include a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or Commerce and a minimum professional experience of two years.

Canada boasts of its numerous universities, scattered across the nation, most ranking high among the world’s top universities. Apply to a program today to venture into the wide range of courses and financial aid this country has to offer. Send in your queries to cast off the hesitations in choosing Canada for your academic endeavours.


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