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International Institute of Digital Marketing has worked to formulate a social media marketing plan that allows organizations worry-free automation of their social media accounts, from Facebook to Youtube. Complete, fully customizable automation with quick and easy communication to make changes as necessary.

To fit the individual needs of different organizations, we’ve developed three separate plans, following different price brackets; These are Basic, at $495 a month, Pro, at $695 a month, and Premium, at $995 a month.

Basic is everything a burgeoning organization needs for automation of their social media marketing, offering thirty posts a month, a video up to three minutes long, custom graphics, bi-weekly reports on how your social media is performing, and more.

Pro offers a more in-depth and measured approach to your social media marketing campaign, allowing up to three videos a month, daily monitoring of social media performance, automated community management, custom videos, and everything included in basic.

Premium is the premier tier for social media management. Just some of the benefits are the creation of articles and blog posts of your choosing for content marketing, online PR management to help you focus on creating a better consumer experience, in addition to the existing services offered in both Basic and Pro.

We will run advertisement campaigns for you on the platform of your choice to promote your business and garner new customers. We will coordinate with you using a content calendar, to allow you to see and control what posts you want and when, or you can leave it up to us!
We’ll create unique videos and pictures for your social media accounts, that follow your company style and provide valuable information to consumers, as well as expanding brand recognition. With copy-writing, we will offer professionally written posts for your social media, with extensive research into keywords and SEO to help your business gain visibility on the internet.
In addition to this, we will provide custom videos, aided by our huge team of professional video creators. You tell us what you want, and we will take care of production, voice-overs, editing, and more. We provide content marketing through articles and blog posts as well, as they are an essential tool to garner visibility through social media. We will prepare, write, and at your request, post professional blogs on your website.
We monitor the activity and statistics of your social media accounts daily and report to you on anything that might need your attention. We will also interact with your audience, creating a network that allows them to connect and grow. Finally, we will write up a report bi-weekly that describes what we achieved and how your social media account performed.

So, why choose us?
Because with us, you get a group of professionals willing to work closely with you to achieve the results you’re looking for through social media marketing, with attention to detail realized by individuals assigned to specific tasks, communicating and working together to reach set goals. There is simply no industry that doesn’t need social media in this day and age, so we work hard to allow more organizations a way to enter the world of social media marketing.

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INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF DIGITAL MARKETING ™ is a certifying body founded in the USA by several long-standing marketers. We have years of experience in business, marketing, and more, and have put forth our combined experience to develop IIDM. Digital Marketing is something that’s all around us, yet there has been no solid foundation for marketing in many, many years. In the news, there are blunders again and again by companies, failing some of the core aspects of modern marketing. Because of this, the need for a solid, stable foundation for marketing in the modern world is needed– a foundation with the ability to be built upon and developed with time.

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