Squawking Democrats


Part One

Squawking Dem.

With two-thousand years of Christianity behind us all the Democrats can say to their un-conforming rivals, or persons, is: “Watch your step!”
Or to inform them to keep their mouths well shut.
In fact if possible, and in spite of everything, to get into the service of the Democratic Party.
These folks are a cunning line of crocodiles.
Metallic sort of brutes.
Obama is afraid should Mr. Trump, become president, day one he’d do what he did to President Bush, erase all his works.
And he’s right, Trump would.
And that is the very reason he has stopped working his paid job as president to run a rigged election for Hillary.
Rigged, meaning (but Trump can’t say it) billionaires, the FBI, the CIA, all but the NSA, are in line to do whatever it takes, even invent, the unintended, to win.
The NSA said it wasn’t the Russians who leaked the information of her diabolical little tweets, but them.
The NSA is the world’s most informed spy alliance.
Russia says it wasn’t them, although we all know they have them.
However we came to having two such unlikely persons to run for president only God and the Devil knows, but we got them.

Part two will inform the reader what I think of both of them, if one cares to read it.
But no matter who wins, the point of no return has been passed, we are in new waters, we are the new Babylon, and remember, it fell, out of pride, indifference, and polluted leadership; as did Rome from the inside-out, and then from the outside.
The insects, and the rats will out survive us, as they did with the dinosaurs, it’s just a matter of time, unless Christ, himself puts a stop to all this nonsense.


Part Two

The Anathemas
(U.S., Presidential Rivals for 2016 AD)

We have two rivals for President of the United States at present running which deserves special mention with this analogue.
Both I believe are rotting with fatigue-
With Black Rot!
Both on the verge of collapse.
Both appallingly keep going.
Both a vast mangy mole.
If I could make them both healthy and scrupulous with one stroke of the pen, I would.
Both rave or have someone rave for them tremendously on the slightest provocation.
Both talk in circles, from the base of the spine to the top of their necks.
Both have bloody fingernails.
With one free hand left, I must vote, we all must vote, right or left, in the darkness of a booth or wherever…
It turns my stomach sour to have to even vote.
I must pick the least contaminated.
This will be a burdensome job, like carrying balanced on the top of my head a great pannier full of raw rubber-
This is not unusual in the jungles, and we are now in the jungles!
It’s a show, with 650-million goggling eyes.
One side says “Pick up your troubles we’ll keep the ball rolling.”
The other side says, “She’s a devil!”
And the sad thing is, she is!
Soon one will have to bow in defeat!
Here, there is no true law in America to oversee the makings of the roads through the thick of this jungle to the prudency.
The news today on either one-overgrown by the media, will vanish very rapidly tomorrow, and from day to day until the elections in November.
And what will we get with the winner?
I hope it’s better than nothing, in this vanity race, anything is better than nothing.
At present, it is just another form of amusement, as both the DNC and RNC have made it, organized it.
Fever competitions.
It has to be difficult to keep the contest going week to week!
It’s the third of August, 2016 now, four months to go, thereabouts.
Their ratings are going up and down like the temperature in the Congo, “Hey, look at mine… !” (Fox News, catches every clap of an eye)
To escape from all this, where does one go?
So I’m reading, writing, watching the “Game of Thrones,” and occasionally fighting with friends, that were never really friends, otherwise we’d still be friends.
I guess that’s what I normally do anyhow, just now doing less of it.
This election is: overkill!
But who can vote for a she-devil?


Source by Dennis Siluk Dr.h.c.


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