Stop Cyber-Bullying with Mobile Parental Monitoring App


Cyber-bullying is considered to be the most common online threat potential enough to cause horrible consequences. More than 75% of younger children in the United States have access to mobile phones and the internet, and half of them are the victims of online bullying. In this article, we will find Stop Cyber-Bullying with Mobile Parental Monitoring App.

The prevalence of smartphones and unsupervised internet access are the main factors behind the increase in the cyber-bullying occurrence that is victimizing more and more children and making them suffer from fear, depression, anxiety, and lack of self-esteem. Unfortunately, many e-bullying victims do not inform their parents of the circumstances they face online due to the fear of losing their phones, computer, or the internet. The victims of persistent bullying are likely to develop suicidal thoughts on remaining unsupported by their uninformed parents.

Digital monitoring enables parents to watch out their children’s online activities, tracking their phones, computers, and internet use. It helps parents know if their kid is bullying someone or being bullied by someone. This article discusses how a mobile parental monitoring app helps to stop cyber-bullying.

What is Cyber-Bullying?

Cyber-bullying is the digital form of the traditional face-to-face bullying with mobile phones, computers, social media, chat-rooms, emails, blogs, and online platforms. However, online bullying is more dangerous than the traditional one due to the long-lasting effects and the bully’s anonymity.

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How to Stop Cyber-Bullying With Mobile Parental Monitoring App

Mobile phone monitoring app allows parents to supervise the mobile phone use of their children. Once the app is installed on the targeted mobile phone, it accesses the data stored on the phone, including the messages, call logs, emails, social media chats, photos, videos, and internet browsing history, among others. The accessed data is then uploaded to an online account from where parents can view and download it. Read on to know the core features of the mobile parental monitoring app that help stop cyber-bullying.

Monitor Text and Instant Messages

Your kid might be hiding the harassing messages received from the cyber-bully. You can take the support of the mobile parental control app to read the messages received and sent by your children, including the SMS, MMS, and instant messages exchanged through social media and instant messengers. It also includes the deleted and hidden one-on-one and group messages. The message content, time, date, and contact detail of the message sender and receiver help you identify the bully and support your kid against the oppressor.

Track Phone Calls

The parental control app provides the detail of the phone calls received and made by your children. You can listen to these calls, record these calls, download, and intercept these calls. Meanwhile, you can get the detail of the requests made and received through instant messengers such as WhatsApp, Line, Viber, Skype, and Facebook Messenger. Like messages, you can see the date, time, duration, and contact detail of the caller and recipient. This information helps you detect if your kid is receiving threatening calls from the persecutor. The mobile parental control app also enables you to block incoming calls from the scoundrels.

Read Emails

Email is another common form of cyber-bullying which can be used by the bully in different ways. For example, sending threatening emails, attaching viruses to emails, and disseminating private information of the victim to hundreds of people through the email. The parental control software allows you to read the incoming and outgoing emails of your kids and see the email sender and receiver’s email addresses. It makes you aware that your kid receives threatening emails and how he/she responds to those emails.

Access Online Accounts

The parental control software also accesses the critical logs applied to the monitored mobile phone, including the essential records of passwords, usernames, and email addresses. These keystrokes enable parents to carefully watch out their children’s online accounts, including social media and email accounts. Monitoring online accounts helps you ensure the persecutor does not harass your kid on any of these platforms.


Mobile phone monitoring keeps parents acquainted with children’s activities performed on their mobile phones and the internet. It lets you protect your kids from the cyber-bullies, predators, scammers, scoundrels, and offenders in the digital world.

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