The Best Digital Content Creation Tools Every Marketer Needs


Content creation is essential for building and strategizing different sorts and types of branding strategies and campaigns. Content is key to every kind of online medium, but most websites and social media platforms have started to benefit from digital content. However, the only drawback to curating and creating content for different agendas and requirements is brainstorming for ideas from scratch.


It is not like the same as Wiki page creation, where you are given a set of guidelines, and you have to write the content according to the said guidelines. Digital marketing, especially content marketing is a lot different, so you can say that it is far more spontaneous than any other format of content or marketing in general.



The most feasible solution is to rely on tools and software programs that fasten digital content curation and production to make it easy. 

Top tools for Digital Content Creation




If your focus is more towards inbounds marketing, but you want to stay in the domains of inbound marketing, Hubspot is the best selection. Content distribution has been made easy with all the tools and features Hubspot has to offer. The interface is simplistic, so you can quickly get a hangover with a use or two. If you think you should learn the concept of content marketing in general, Hubspot has a detailed list of courses in its academy section.




While Hubspot was not entirely free, but ZenPen is. The tool ZenPen is somewhat a text editor with a minimalistic and straightforward interface that lets you edit the text you write and the content you curate with utmost easy. Since it is free, whether you are a professional marketer or a novice, you can still rely on it.


Movable Ink


The name might sound a bit unique for a content marketing tool, but the uniqueness makes it a worthy mention. It certainly is a unique place to try out your talent for branding and content creation for your marketing tactics. This tool does not solely rely on the content as you can even create visual bits for the content you need.

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This one is not meant for content marketing on social media sites but solely for email marketing. BEE has all the templates and content curation tools to create the perfect and visually engaging email that you would want to send out to your audience. The device is not a complicated one as all the necessary tools and options are available on the instrument’s main interface.




Content marketing is not only limited to textual content, so if you want to visualize the range further, but you can also add animated content into it. Animated videos have become relatively standard, so using the tool called Magisto, you can use the photos and videos you have in your drive and merge them further to create a fascinating piece of animated video. The tool is just not free, and the pricing plans are categorized into different categories.


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